Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

The better word is payback, because I make this post to remind Falcons' fans of what the Dallas Cowboys and Dan Quinn did to us this year and I urge us to not forget, and urge Coach Smith and us to return the favor as soon as possible.

Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn decided to humiliate our Atlanta Falcons in game 10 of the 2021 season. The standout prickly decision was after a penalty was called on Atlanta after a successful extra point. McCarthy decided to take the point off the board, and go for two points. Unnecessarily taking a point off the board to risk an additional point is unusual and risky because points are points, and two-point conversions fail as often as they succeed. Yet they did it to us, for the pure reason of embarrassment.

The nationally televised game had media pundits who continually discussed Dan Quinn's desire to get some payback against his former employer because....because.... because they offered no reason other than he once was their head coach and now is not. I guess Quinn leaked his feelings to them, and they're the Cowboys, 'America's Team' uh huh, and we're just the soft, lowly Atlanta Falcons. You know the Falcons, who had been coached by Dan Quinn for the last five years. See the correlation? The pundits didn't seem to so it seems I must point out the blatantly obvious.

They offered no reasons, like "the Falcons tried to deny him money due. The Falcons talked trash about him behind his back or they interfered with his ability to succeed, and then blamed him for their behavior or incompetence". None of that, because none of that happened. Yet, the media constantly showed Quinn's image and hyped his 'feelings' towards us, and again not once offering any examples of him being treated poorly in any way. We treated him quite the opposite in fact.

Yet McCarthy & Quinn decided to humiliate us. Talk about snowflakes. I guess professionally terminating him, after giving him the team for 5 years is being rude? I don't know honestly. I guess we were supposed to keep him forever, give him raises, build a statue, name the stadium after him and provide Falcons' stock options until the Bumper Sticker Queen steps down by his own decision.

Dan Quinn, the Bumper Sticker Queen, was given everything he asked for, and treated very well where the reason the Falcons executives fired him was because of Dan Quinn's historic collapses (plural), of choking in 2016 Super Bowl, as well as the team literally becoming a laughing stock the following years. In other words an NFL joke. Quinn did that to US. We treated him like a the head coach he was, and very well after his historic failures.

Every champion needs a villain, good stories, heroes, and need a challenger to test their mettle, to sharpen their skills. They make for legendary stories too, which help earn fans and we sure need fans after "Quinning Ball". We need fire in our bellies too after snowflake style coaching. After Quinn turned us into milquetoast failures unable to cover onside kicks, fair catch punts and protect a 25 point lead late in the 3rd quarter, he now *humiliates* us too? Oh hell no.

The Bumper Sticker Queen did that to US. We did nothing to HIM, except give him every chance to succeed and he failed us, then had the doggone nerve to humiliate US on national television because he caught feelings. I guess brotherhood is only when his players are sucking up to him and telling him he's special, so when he fails them, it's their fault.

Well, I declare - Here, right now, no farther, the line must be drawn here (!), that the Dallas Cowboys (who choked again Sunday by the way), and Jerry Jones, Mike McCarthy and especially the Bumper Sticker Queen himself, Mr. Dan Quinn are the enemies of our scrappy, resilient, often ignored and always disrespected Atlanta Falcons and should be treated as they treated us, until they cry mercy.

Dan Quinn left us in this mess. Dan Quinn failed to teach linemen on both sides. Dan Quinn's defense was so pathetic, our offense ordered Todd Gurley "not to score a TD". Let me repeat that; Dan Quinn's defense was so ridiculous, the team tried "not to score a touchdown" because, now get this, -

- Everyone knew the Dan Quinn managed defense couldn't hold the lowly Detroit Lions' offense from scoring a touchdown in 90 seconds with no timeouts, having to drive 75 yards no less! He demoralized and mismanaged us to the point where "we were not supposed to score points for our team, because his sorry ass defense was so pathetic everyone in the universe knew 'it was asking too much of Dan Quinn to prevent the Lions from scoring a touchdown with 90 seconds on the clock, with no timeouts, and having to drive 75 yards".

Now that's Quinning football for you, and we're supposed to be touchy feely about Quinn? After leaving us devastated with little talent yet a maxed out salary cap. He's still harming us, even after he's gone, and he then went on national television, in front of tens of millions of Americans and *humiliated* us? It's on. It is so very on and should be.

As you know, there comes a time when all good men must defend themselves and protect their honor and families. That time has come, and our villain is The Bumper Sticker Queen of feelings and failure, Mr. Dan Quinn and the Dallas Cowboys with Mike McCarthy a close second.

Let us begin our new heroes' journey with payback now, especially as Dan Quinn is suddenly back in vogue and sought after as a head coach where he may, I say may - have earned his bones via our franchise. If he does succeed elsewhere it'll be after using our time, our resources and our passion to learn and yet - he *humiliates us* on national television.

Rise up and be ready, not only want, but prepare for our next meeting with Dan Quinn and/or the Dallas Cowboys and let them feel our wrath and be humiliated on national television as they did to us. Be angry, seek revenge, as there are times when they are necessary. I say that time is now as I won't tolerate my friends, teammates, my 'brothers' sisters being *humiliated* without payback of our own. I urge you to protect our team and Atlanta's honor.

Jerry Jones, Mike McCarthy and especially Dan Quinn are now my NFL enemies and they should be yours too. Coach Smith, you must not let their aggression stand. We count on you to lead us into battle against enemies who aren't satisfied with victory, money, even prestige. Oh no, they had to disrespect us intentionally for no reason, and there's only one way to salvage our reputation and image. Humiliate them more.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and payback is best served on national television with tens of millions watching, where we pound them into the ground. Where Dan Quinn thought his feelings were hurt then, but will certainly know humiliated feeling after we serve him when the time comes. Let him feel our wrath.

Beat the Cowboys and any Dan Quinn coached team until they're begging for mercy. Until snot is flowing out of their noses, and once you've got them far down, kick them in the nuts for good measure as a brotherly reminder that "you don't *humiliate* us, without consequences". The name Dan Quinn alone is in and of itself a joke. Dan Quinn. Ha, ha ha, ha ha. But I offer another joke:

"How many Dan Quinn coached defenders does it take to cover a tight end on 3rd and long? - 11, but with duct tape."

We're counting on you Coach Smith & Terry Fontenot and I believe in both of you. Oh Hell No.

You all have a nice day.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>