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NFL Wild Card weekend Sunday games open thread

It’s the NFC’s turn, plus Chiefs-Steelers.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today brings more playoff football, with two NFC games on the day. One of them offers us an opportunity to root lustily against a division rival, and I suggest we take it.

Things start off in a half hour with the kickoff of Eagles-Buccaneers. There’s no real love for the Eagles among most Falcons fans, I’d wager, not after the fiasco that was the 2017 playoff loss. That said, should we root against a Philadelphia team that has changed dramatically since then when we could be rooting against Tom Brady and the defending champion Buccaneers? Absolutely not. Go Eagles.

The late afternoon game will pit the 49ers against the Cowboys, in what could be the game of the entire weekend. We’ll get to find out if this surging 49ers team is capable of hanging with a very good Dallas team or not, and you can either root for or against Dan Quinn depending on your preference.

Finally, the late game will pit the Steelers against the Chiefs in what sure looks like it’ll be a bloodbath on paper. We’ll see if Pittsburgh can at least make it interesting.

Use this as your open thread for today’s game!