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2022 Bears free agents Dave Ragone and Charles London may want in Atlanta

There’s a couple of compelling options here.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

It’s time to keep rolling on our potential Falcons free agent series, and we’re continuing to look at key coaches and front office personnel and players they have ties to who could end up in Atlanta. After that, we’ll talk about ideal signings who may not have be as tightly connected, but after connections between the front office and free agents like Fabian Moreau and Erik Harris proved fruitful last year, this is an exercise worth doing.

Today, we’ll pivot to offensive coordinator Dave Ragone and quarterbacks coach Charles London, who worked on the same staff in Chicago. Ragone, of course, was instrumental in bringing Cordarrelle Patterson to Atlanta, which means we already like his discerning eye for talent.

Let’s take a look at other Bears free agents in 2022 on offense that Ragone and London, who coached running backs in Chicago, might be interested in bringing aboard.

WR Allen Robinson

Like Harold Landry in our Titans list, this is a big dream signing, one that feels unlikely owing to the cost involved. Robinson is coming off one of the quietest seasons of his career, however, so we’ll keep that little flame of hope burning.

Robinson is a terrific wide receiver who has frequently been burdened with bad quarterbacks, lackluster offenses, or both. Heading into his age 29 season, he’s still one of the most sure-handed targets in the league and a player capable of vacuuming up targets, which would make him appealing as a volume option and someone who could take pressure off Kyle Pitts and (if he’s still in Atlanta) Calvin Ridley. If the Falcons want to put their cash toward upgrading Matt Ryan’s playmakers, they could do a lot worse (and probably can’t do much better than) Robinson.

TE Jimmy Graham

Graham is ancient beyond reckoning at this point—in football terms, I mean, because he’s younger than me—but even after the quietest season of his career, he offers something as a pass catcher. That could make him a useful veteran presence and reserve for this team if they’re not keen on spending a lot of resources this offseason on upgrading the position behind Kyle Pitts and Parker Hesse.

Graham had a nice year with Chicago in 2020 when Ragone was the team’s passing game coordinator, and it’s especially noteworthy that he scored eight touchdowns that year after scoring five combined the previous two seasons with Green Bay. If the Falcons feel he can still be a credible red zone threat, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him end in Atlanta years after we joked about the possibility.

G James Daniels

Daniels is one of the more intriguing free agents the Falcons could invest in, period, and I know he’s a favorite of our own Aaron Freeman.

Set to be just 25 in 2022, Daniels has been a full-time starter the past three seasons, though injury wiped out most of his 2020. He got a very good 71.8 grade from Pro Football Focus this past year, and that grade is backed up by his performances at left guard, center and right guard during his time in Chicago. He could be an upgrade at left guard or center if the team signed him, though I’d lean toward a guard position that has been one of the team’s most persistent liabilities of late.

If he makes it to the open market, the Falcons could solve their left guard conundrum for years by signing him to a big deal. The money and competition for his services might make it difficult, but I’m fully in support of the team chasing him.