The Perfect Draft

I realize that this season has been tough on almost everyone in the division, minus the team holding the golden football God come to life, Tom Brady. So, in the name of good gamesmanship, I have decided to run a mock draft for both our team, and our hated rivals the New Orleans Saints. Now, I had to keep realism in mind when drafting, so the results where held to the closest notions of realism I could have for the Saints organization as well as ourselves. With that in mind, this is what I got for our teams:

Round 1:

Pick 8: ATL Kyle Hamilton (S, Notre Dame)- Highly talented Safety. In a really deep class for Safety talent he stands head and foot above the rest. This is the BPA on the board at #8.

Pick 18: NO Ryan Stonehouse (P, Colorado State)- Considered the 3rd best punter in the draft. The Saints saw him as being drafted at one point and decided to jump on him before another team did. Some might say this was a little early for this player, but the Saints organization feel it was appropriate.

Round 2:

Pick 43: ATL Perrion Winfrey (DT, Oklahoma)- The team takes the highly talented defensive line player still on the board. Pairing Winfrey and Jarrett should see immediate impacts on both run and pass defense.

Pick 49: NO JT Daniels (QB, Georgia)- Despite the other QB's like Carson Strong and Desmond Ridder still being on the board, New Orleans jumps on the Georgia QB. Many believe it is a backhanded attempt to draft away a QB from Georgia to get under Atlanta's skin. The chances Atlanta was considering Daniels's talents were low at best.

Pick 63: ATL Nick Bonitto (EDGE, Oklahoma)- One of the better all around prospects still on the board. He is decent at both pass rushing and dropping back into a zone and defending receivers or RB's coming his way. His talent level could be day 1 starter compared to what we currently have on the team.

Round 3:

Pick 74: ATL Zach Charbonnet (RB, UCLA)- One of the better RB's still on the board in the 3rd round. Will immediately slot into a role on offense. His presence should be something that opposing defenses have to account for from day 1. What capacity they use him in is up for debate.

Pick 102: NO Bailey Zappe (QB, Western Kentucky)- I an apparent self-admission of the teams woeful situation with QB's, the Saints decide to snatch up two QB's in a row. Both are considered to be drafted earlier than expected. Neither looks to be better than the current options still on the team. This might be considered an attempt to draft a high-end backup and trade bait. No team is likely to trade for either player in the immediate future without significant improvement while in New Orleans.

Round 4:

Pick 111: ATL Darrian Beavers ( LB, Cincinnati)- A current ILB that is large for his role. Another LB with an all around skillset that is projected to be a high-end developmental 3-4 OLB prospect in the NFL. That sounds right up Atlanta's alley. He becomes either quality depth year 1, or pushes for starting reps early on.

Pick 117: NO Troy Anderson (LB, Montana State)- New Orleans picks the surprise LB from Montana. Considered a reach, the team sees his upside potential as being worthy of drafting. His small school experience is possibly something the team considers a positive.

Round 5:

Pick 139: NO Josh Jobe (CB, Alabama)- Another surprise pick, but considering the other picks in the draft, it is oddly useful. Jobe slots in as a useful #2 or 3 CB, who has special teams upside.

Pick 150: ATL Siaki Ika (NT, Baylor)- A huge NT with increbily quick feet. He is 100% the starting NT for a newly configured 3-4 defense, and has the strength and speed to push double teams back. He is a line mover and a run stopper. Great value at this place in the draft, plus it opens things up for everyone else in the front-7.

Pick 160: NO JW Jones (NT, Central Arkansas)- Apparently New Orleans sees that we picked a NT and they pick one also. Coming from Central Arkansas, which is a small school, the Saints seem to have not done much research and just blindly picked a DT to try and show us up. This arms race of draft picks doesn't appear to be going in their favor.

Round 6:

Pick 190: ATL Desmond Drummond (WR, Mississippi)- A large WR with reliable hands. He is definitely a depth pick, but he is oddly good at run blocking downfield. He seems like he could be very useful in early downs where we run 2 RB's and 3 WR's. He is almost a WR/TE hybrid player. An interesting player who is a talent that the team could use on special teams, and also slot into situational football.

Pick 196: NO Will Choloh Jr. (DT, Troy)- In another apparent self-admission of bad decsion making New Orleans realizes their error in picking the NT to spite Atlanta, but not the correct one. They over correct and draft based on small school and position alone. It doesn't seem there was much research put into the pick. He could possibly be a decent depth pick, but is most likely a practice squad player.

Round 7:

Pick 214: NO Kana'i Mauga (LB, USC)- Mauga is expected to be an undrafted player, but New Orleans likes what they see, for their own reasons. He is brought into a crowded Saints LB corps. He is depth at best. There is doubt he makes the roster from the moment he is drafted.

Pick 236: NO Cade York (K, LSU)- Despite the lack of talent in other places on the roster, the team decides to pick up another specials teams player. Possibly an attempt to bring competition to the special teams room, this pick becomes more than likely an attempt to bring competition to the practice squad.

So there you have it!!! Hope you enjoyed. Good luck to both teams in 2022....but maybe one more than the other.

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