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The great 2022 Falcons roster tracker

Here’s the Falcons roster as of today, whenever today is.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Already, the Falcons are making roster moves to set themselves up for 2022. Free agency is around the corner, the draft is just around the corner from that, and you can expect to see plenty of moves between now and the start of the league year.

With so many changes coming now and in the immediate future, we’re rolling out a Falcons roster tracker to help you keep track of who will be on this team as of the new league year.

Initially, this roster will be inaccurate when compared to the official roster on outlets like the Falcons site, but there’s a reason for that. I’m focusing on listing the players who are under contract for the 2022 league year, which has not yet begun, and not players who are technically on the roster but are headed to free agency. That will give us a more accurate snapshot of who’s going to be around and what roster holes the Falcons have to address through re-signings, free agency and the draft.

I’ll do my best to keep this updated all offseason long. Here’s the roster as of today, with futures contracts noted.


QB Matt Ryan
QB Feleipe Franks

RB Mike Davis
RB Caleb Huntley (reserve/future)

FB Keith Smith
FB/TE John Raine (reserve/future)

WR Calvin Ridley
WR Frank Darby
WR Austin Trammell (reserve/future)
WR Chad Hansen (reserve/future)

TE Kyle Pitts
TE Parker Hesse
TE Brayden Lenius (reserve/future)

T Jake Matthews
T Kaleb McGary
T Willie Beavers (reserve/future)

G Jalen Mayfield
G Chris Lindstrom
G Ryan Neuzil (reserve/future)

C Matt Hennessy
C Drew Dalman


DL Grady Jarrett
DL Marlon Davidson
DL Tyeler Davison
DL Ta’Quon Graham
DL Nick Thurman (reserve/future)

OLB Adetokunbo Ogundej
OLB John Cominsky
OLB Quinton Bell (reserve/future)
OLB Jordan Brailford (reserve/future)
OLB Duke Eijofor (reserve/future)

ILB Deion Jones
ILB Mykal Walker
ILB Dorian Etheridge (reserve/future)
ILB Rashad Smith (reserve/future)

CB A.J. Terrell
CB Darren Hall
CB Avery Williams
CB Kendall Sheffield
CB DeAundre Alford (reserve/future)
CB Lafayette Pitts (reserve/future)
CB Cornell Armstrong (reserve/future)
CB Corey Ballentine (reserve/future)

S Richie Grant
S Jaylinn Hawkins
S Luther Kirk (reserve/future)

Special Teams

P Dom Maggio

Corey Ballentine is the most recent signing, so he’s bolded here.

The Falcons have absolutely loaded up on cornerbacks heading into the offseason, with the most interesting one being Canadian Football League all-star Dee Alford. If he even turns out to be a high-end reserve, Atlanta’s suddenly looking at quality depth at the position between Alford, Hall, and possibly Avery Williams if he continues to develop.

Otherwise, this roster is about where you’d expect it to be: In need of augmentation nearly everywhere. We’ll see what the Falcons do in the months ahead to make that happen.