The Biggest UGA Grad/Homer on the Falcoholic has one question for the Falcons "Braintrust"

Here is the question: Can we FINALLY draft some of the UGA talent that just won a national title? Not the ususal M.O. of drafting players from so-so teams like San Diego State or Stanford (That would be Darron Lee and Drew Dalman) and pass up on 5-star Georgia talent such as Jordan Davis, Nakobi Dean, Louis Cine, George Pickens and James Cook?

The question of why the Falcons never draft UGA players and GA Tech for that matter seems to gall some people for some strange reason yet this talent-poor team can no longer experiment on the Jon Cominskys of small college football and instead should use those 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounders on the same proven in-state talent that is habitually ignored but is snapped up by the likes of Bill Belichick virtually every draft.

Each year Falcoholics mock x UGA player and my response is that the Falcons will never draft him. Well, the time is now to stop this bias/ridiculousness and look in your own backyard. This team needs an interior presence on defense, a pass rusher, a safety with range and a playmaker at receiver and all of which is coming into the 2022 NFL draft. Why on earth do you continually look for greener grass elsewhere when your own yard is fertile with talent?

One more thing: GO DAWGS!

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