How to Improve Homefield Advantage

Homefield advantage, or the lack thereof, has always been a topic of discussion when talking about Atlanta sports teams outside of the Braves, who have always had strong fan support even during losing years. Atlanta is literally the only city that gets bashed by the media for choosing to not show up to games when the Falcons are bad when literally almost every other city does the same thing. It's blatant and clear media bias against our great city and great fans and we deserve better. However, the Falcons' blatant struggles at Mercedes Benz Stadium have been no secret. Since moving into the stadium in 2017, the Falcons have been an abysmal 15-24 at home. That is tied for 6th worst in the NFL in the last five years. And no, the stadium or the team is not cursed. if you're a grown man and you believe in all that "Atlanta sports curse" and fairytale crap, you're a clown. Straight up. The Falcons are not cursed. The atmosphere and fan support at the Dome were SOOO great, that the team had to pump crowd noise through the speakers at one games. I used to have season tix at the GA Dome and during the losing years, many of the season ticket holders in or near my section would sell their tickets, which were mainly bought by fans of the opposing team and almost or more than half of the people that did go to the Dome would be fans of the opposing team. It wasn't that way from 2009-12. And it sure as hell wasn't that way in 2016. Fast forward to 2017 and early 2018. I went to a few games at the Benz and the stadium was pretty full with overwhelmingly Falcons fans. Since then, that has clearly not been the case. I'm writing this article to provide a few ideas on how to improve home field advantage at the Benz.

1. The obvious elephant in the room: win, win, win. Atlanta, let's face it, is a sports city known for nothing but choking and wasting talent. Only 2 major sports chips in 56 years (both by one team). The Falcons are no different. If by some miracle, Arthur and Terry can turn this thing around (which I am not very confident that they can do so far) and build a consistent winner, then fans will show up. Anyone remember the Saints fanbase existing before Drew and Sean got there? I don't. Point is, people will not spend their money on a bad product. Basic economics.

2. Ticket prices. Let's face it guys. As much as it sucks, PSLs are unfortunately a norm around the league (another reason why Roger is ruining the NFL). When Blank first bought the Falcons, one of the first things he did to help provide a better home field advantage was drastically lower ticket prices to games. The current Arthur Blank is unfortunately out of touch now so don't count on ticket prices being lowered.

3. A signature move to get fans engaged. For three decades, the tomahawk chop has been the signature move at Braves games. It gets fans involved and is a friendly way of letting the opponent know "here come the Braves." We need something besides an outdated slogan with Samuel L. yelling at us to do something the team hasn't done in 6 years. We need a signature move or chant for the fans to get attached to on game days and beyond. Similar to the Braves and the tomahawk chop. How about an A-T-L chant on 3rd down? Or something like that.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on how we can fix/improve homefield advantage for 2022 and beyond.

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