Get the books right in 2022

We're in this weird state of riding out contracts without significantly making progress. A rolling rebuild I guess you can say. But, this is the year that we can make the hard decisions happen.

First and foremost, we're not getting out of Ryan's contract. Not this year at least. Yes there's the improbably post June 1 trade but, in all actuality, the liveliness of us getting what we want and somebody willing to soak up Ryan's contract is zero.

So there's three legitimate moves we can make to really get that worth.

1. Trade Grady Jarrett. I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it because Jarrett has been a stud and should net us at least a day 2 pick or maybe even a 1st rounder.

2. Move on from Deion. As much as a trade would help, we need to be honest about who wants to be here.

3. Trade Calvin Ridley. Maybe I'm wrong here but, Ridley doesn't want to be here. And if someone with a day 2 pick ask us what are we doing with him, you gotta move him.

4. Move on from Mike Davis, Sheffield and Davison. Yes, I'm creating more holes in this roster because we're in that nad of shape.

This should net us close to 40m with Deion being traded.

We then just gotta ask what is a long term piece on this current team. Well, we know Patterson wants to stay and Gage has expressed interest. Foye is number one priority. So, if they feel that Foye is that guy, then pay the man.

However, this draft features a lot of linebackers and if we can get close to 10 picks in this draft, then I wouldn't break the bank.

As for who to bring in? Well, with so many holes there's not much we can do. Harold Landry may be interested in playing for Pees but, he's going to command a massive payday after a 12 sack year. Other guys I'd consider is Fatukasi from the Jets, Norwell, James Daniels, Conor Williams.

The dream scenario? Request a pay cut from Matt Ryan. Not an extension but, this to be the final year of him. I'll get hate for this but, Ryan's contract has kept us out of free agency for years. He's a B- QB at this point with an A+ contract. I'll allow him to make his albatross of a number this year, if this is the final year. Allow him to leave after the 2022 with no further cap implications. We overachieved this year and should be looking at the future. I have nothing but love for Ryan but, we need to allow him to move on.

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