Time to eat some humble pie, and crow a bit

Hello all,

i was inspired by another poster to do a fan post and own up to the good and bad in terms of my preseason predictions, so here goes:

First and foremost, i missed badly on my prediction during training camp that Patterson may be cut. He has ended up at the best offensive player on the team, so i am eating a huge slice of humble pie on this one.

Next, my season wins projection, i said the Falcons would win 4-6 games, then i took it down to 3-5 games after their second game. So missed this one by 1-2 games. A miss, but not a huge one. I will say here that many posters ridiculed me and said this was a 10 win tran at least with AS and DP being added as coaches. At least i was not that far off.

i was right on Mike Davis. I said he was a career back up and why would we expect more than that from him? Many here told me that i was wrong, that he was a power runner that would be Turneresque. Nope, not even close.

i was right on the concern of two unproven players (Mayfield and Henessey) starting next to each other. I think this was the biggest reason that the Falcons struggled this year. Again, many here told me that i was not seeing the full picture here, that they would be fine. I even remember some saying Mayfield would be an upgrade over Andrews after he was hurt. In all fairness, a large group of posters supported my position on this one, so i was by no means alone on this prediction. I did miss something here O-line related though. I do not think McGary is a starting caliber RT, but i did not expect or predict this bad of a season from him. He is in the bottom 10 tackles in the entire NFL based on PFF season scores and looks even worse to the eyeball test.

So, lets see, overall one huge miss (Patterson), one minor miss (7 wins vs 5-6) and one i got exactly right (Davis) and one that is a mixed bag. I guess i will take it, not like it is going to change now.

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