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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Sept. 30

Are we going to have a serious conversation about Arthur Smith’s beard?

Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers

I don’t have any other way to say this. But we may need to have an intervention with Arthur Smith.




He looks straight out of Peaky Blinders. I could spend all day on it, but it is time for the Links.

Terrell is back

The corner back continues his ascension to one of the best, young corners in the league. He made an absolutely phenomenal tip just over a week back... then suffered a concussion. He missed Sunday’s game but is finally back at practice. Short of a setback, he should be good to go against Washington.

Do we care about the history against something called Football Team?

If so, The Falcoholic has you covered. These are typically forgettable games. I went to the Dome for a Washington game back in 2015 with a last-minute Falcons surge against Kirk Cousins. It was pretty cool but far from a defining moment.

Was this a huge win for the Arthur Smith era?

It is hard to tell if the Falcons overcame a bad team on Sunday or if this is the start of the Falcons battling back into relevancy. The win was ugly. Yet, it was a win. The Falcons overcame a deficit on the road. The team did enough, which was not always true under Dan Quinn.

Atlanta worked out Jordan Matthews

The Falcons have a lot of room to improve. Make no mistakes about it. This roster stinks and it stinks real loud. What is surprising is that Terry Fontenot and Co. have not taken more advantage of their waiver superiority to churn the bottom of this roster. Perhaps the bottom of the roster is solid (or will be solid), but the Falcons are still kicking some tires. Most notable is Jordan Matthews, former wide receiver bust and now tight end.

Put some respec’ on Dante Fowler’s name

I did not expect much, if anything, from Fowler this year. His 2020 was bad. Surprising so many, Fowler is back healthy and motivated. In fact, Fowler has been a one-man wrecking crew through many of the games, looking much more like his old self. Can he keep it going against Washington?