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Falcons 17, Giants 14: An ugly win is still a win

Atlanta finally gets their first win and in the ugliest way possible.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

We’re in week 3 of the season and the Falcons are already in a desperation game. It’s a good thing they’re on the road facing a Giants team with extra rest and all of their offensive starters ready to go. Fans viewed this as a benchmark game for where Atlanta is this season. How did it turn out? Read on fellow sufferers.

First quarter

The Falcons receive the ball first after the Giants win the toss and defer. They start from their 25 with a run for 4 by Mike Davis. Davis takes a pass for 2 and a 3rd down pass to Olamide Zaccheaus draws pass interference and the first. Cordarelle Patterson runs for 1, takes a pass for 7. On 3rd and 1, Feleipe Franks comes in at QB with Ryan out wide and the handoff is stuffed. Atlanta punts.

From their 20, Daniel Jones hits Saquon Barkley for 14. Offensive holding sets up 1st and 20 and Jones runs for 8. Darius Slayton gains 7 on his pass and on 3rd and 5 Jones hits C.J. Board deep right for the first. Barkley runs for 7 and 2 and Jones runs for the first. On 1st and goal from the 8, Fowler deflects a pass, Grady Jarrett gets the sack of Jones for a big loss. On 3rd and goal from the 19 Jones runs but well short. They take the easy field goal and the early lead.

Falcons 0, Giants 3

Starting at their 20 after Patterson’s return, the offense starts this drive with Matt Ryan hitting Calvin Ridley for 19. Davis runs for 5, Patterson runs for 2 and Ryan hits Ridley, but he can’t pull it in. Atlanta punts. Again.

From their 11 yard line the Giants start with a pass to Kenny Golladay that gains 19. Barkley loses 3, Jones hits Evan Engram for 8 and on 3rd and 5 Jones can’t hit Sterling Shepard. Giants punt.

After a nice return by Avery Williams and a Giants personal foul penalty, the Falcons offense starts on their 40 with a pass to Zaccheaus that doesn’t connect. Lee Smith gains 3 on the pass and the 3rd down pass to Ridley doesn’t get the first after he runs sideways. Atlanta punts.

Jones throws incomplete and Barkley runs for 15. Elijhaa Penny runs for 2 as the quarter comes to an end.

Falcons 0, Giants 3

Second quarter

Devontae Booker runs for a 1 yard loss and on 3rd and 9 Golladay takes the pass for 18 yards. Shepard for 11 and the first, Barkley runs for 3 and TJ Green breaks up the pass intended for Engram. On 3rd and 7, Kadarius Toney gets the first. He takes the next pass for 7 and Barkley runs for another first. After a botched snap and short pass and false start penalty, on 3rd and 22 Collin Johnson picks up 16. Giants take the field goal and extend their lead.

Falcons 0, Giants 6

Starting from their 19, Ryan hits Patterson for a 9 yard gain. He then runs for 10 and the first. Patterson gains 1, a pass drops after Ridley slips and on 3rd and 9 Ryan hits Ridley on an under route for a big gain. Offensive holding and a short gain of 4 and 6 by Ridley sets up 3rd and 10. Ryan throws pass the line of scrimmage but it’s dropped by Zaccheaus anyways. Atlanta punts.

A great punt starts the Giants on their 3 and the first pass is batted down by Mykal Walker. A short run and penalty sets up 3rd and 9 and Isaiah Oliver bats away the pass to force the punt.

The Falcons start on the Giants 48 with a run by Davis for 3 and a catch that gets the first. Ryan’s pass to Zaccheaus gains 15 and the personal foul puts Atlanta in the red zone. Ridley gains a few on the first and the 2nd down pass falls incomplete. On 3rd and goal, Ryan hits Zaccheaus for the touchdown.

Falcons 7, Giants 6

Starting from their 25 with 1:33 in the half, Barkley gains 4 on the short pass. The pass to Evan Engram picks up the first, but the Falcons punch it out and recover it.

The Falcons offense starts on the Giants 36 with an incomplete pass and short pass to Davis. On 3rd and 9 Ryan is sacked and fumbles it. Giants recover. They kneel us to the half.

Falcons 7, Giants 6

Third quarter

The Giants start on their 14 with a run by Barkley for 6 and then a loss of 3. On 3rd and 7, Jones hits Collin Johnson for 15 and the first. Golladay catches for 11, Engram drops the pass and the pass to Johnson is incomplete. Jones is tackled after running for 2 and New York is forced to punt.

From their 17, the Atlanta offense starts with a sack of Ryan that was on him. The pass to Hurst falls incomplete and on 3rd down Ryan hits Patterson but it’s not enough. Punt.

From their 44, Barkley takes a screen for 23 but a penalty brings it back. Collin Johnson picks up 9 on the pass, Gary Brightwell runs for 5 and Jones sneaks for the first. An incomplete pass and a 7 yard run sets up 3rd and 3. Jones can’t find Johnson and the Giants punt.

The Falcons offense starts inside the 5 a run by Davis for 11 and the first. He runs again for 5 and 10. Davis runs for 3 and the pass to Lee Smith gains 3. On 3rd and 4 Ryan forces it after being pressured and nearly gets picked off. Atlanta punts.

From their 29, the Giants start with a run by Daniel Jones for 11. Barkley runs for 4 and takes the pass for 12 and the first. Collin Johnson picks up another first and Penny runs for 6 to end the quarter.

Falcons 7, Giants 6

Fourth quarter

After a short gain on 2nd down, on 3rd and 5 Jones hits Johnson and barely gets the first. Galladay takes the pass for 16 and the first to setup 1st and goal. Moreau gets flagged for a terrible defensive pass interference and the drive finishes with Barkley diving in. New York goes for 2 and Jones runs it in.

Falcons 7, Giants 14

Davis runs for 3, Patterson takes the pass for a 1 yard loss and on 3rd and 8 Ryan hits Kyle Pitts for 10 and the first. Patterson runs for 2 and then takes the dump off pass for a big gain of 26. He runs for 2, Davis takes the pass for 4 and on 3rd and 4 Tajae Sharpe gets the first. Ryan is sacked on first down, hits Zaccheaus to setup 3rd and 2. Ridley picks up the first to setup 1st and goal. Ridley gains a couple, Ryan is nearly picked by Jackson and on 3rd and goal Pitts draws the pass interference. After a run for no gain Ryan hits Lee Smith for the touchdown.

Falcons 14, Giants 14

Barkley gains 4 on the pass and runs for 6 and the first. Kaden Smith takes the pass for 9 and Barkley loses 1 on the run. On 3rd and 2, Moreau is called for pass interference on Golladay. An incompletion and sack of Jones by Dante Fowler sets up 3rd and 19. Barkley takes the pass for 10 and the Giants punt.

The offense starts on their 20 with 1:50 left in the game with a big 28 yard gain by Patterson on the receiver screen. Davis runs for 2 and Pitts takes the pass for 25 yards. Davis runs for 1 and for another 3. Ryan sets it up in the middle of the field with 2 seconds left for Younghoe Koo for the 40 yard attempt. He drills it and the Falcons win.

Final: Falcons 17, Giants 14