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Falcons vs. Giants: Atlanta is an underdog against New York

The betting odds suggest no one likes the Falcons.

Super Bowl LII Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Falcons are 0-2 according to the NFL after the team has failed to beat any of their opposing teams. They are also 0-2 according to Vegas because the Falcons can’t cover, either. The Falcons were slight favorites against the Eagles, then deep dogs against the Buccaneers. It didn’t matter. The Falcons were handily beaten by both teams and only briefly flirted with covering the spread.

The New York Giants should be supremely beatable (of course, so should the Falcons). The Falcons are on the road, meaning bettors sot the Giants a handy 3 points for home-field advantage.

After two disappointing weeks, where do the Falcons land ahead of Sunday’s game?

The Falcons are 2.5-point underdogs, according to Sports Illustrated, after Atlanta started the week as 3.0 underdogs according to Cover. It might have been surprising, but the Falcons have struggled in all phases of the game and are dealing with some injuries that are exposing depth issues.

Ultimately, both teams have major deficiencies. In that respect, it makes sense that the people betting on a Falcons vs. Giants game (read: extreme degenerates) don’t have a strong feeling one way or another.

Of interest is the over/under is a mere 47.5 points, a bit on the lower end but not quite down near the levels of Broncos vs. Jets or Bengals vs. Steelers. Since neither team has much of a defense, expectations are the offenses will play flat on Sunday.

The Falcons remain entirely unpredictable, at least unpredictable in the way the team will disappoint. For those of you considering betting on this game, have you considered instead just throwing that money down a sewer drain?