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Texans vs. Panthers Thursday Night Football open thread

Carolina gets an easy matchup that they’ll hopefully squander.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Saints will hit the road to face the Patriots. The Buccaneers have to travel to face the Rams. The Falcons continue their road swing with a game against a game if 0-2 Giants team. The Panthers...get the Texans, who are starting Davis Mills at quarterback. At least they’re on the road, too.

To suggest this is the easiest game of the slate for the Panthers is to understate it. Mills was a little bit of a draft darling for some analysts and wound up going in the third round, but suggesting that he might be able to push past a quality Panthers team is a bridge too far for me. The Texans will hope to keep this one close and that Sam Darnold will implode a bit, but barring that, this one could be a bloodbath.

Watch it if you can stomach it, and use this as your open thread for the game. Go Texans!