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Matt Bryant, Falcons Week 2 recap & Giants preview: The Falcoholic Live, Ep158

Join the crew of The Falcoholic Live at 8:10 PM ET as they interview legendary Falcons kicker Matt Bryant, recap Week 2’s loss to the Bucs, and preview Sunday’s matchup with the Giants.

Fellow Falcoholics, welcome to episode 158 of The Falcoholic Live! We’re excited to bring you a very special guest this evening: legendary Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant! After our interview with Bryant, we’ll be recapping the Falcons Week 2 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—and attempting to sort through the good and bad. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with a preview of Sunday’s matchup with the New York Giants.

Watch the stream below or on YouTube beginning at 8:10 PM ET

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