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Falcons 25, Buccaneers 48: Some signs of progress still results in blowout loss

At least they scored some touchdowns?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons look poised to start the season 0-2 as they go on the road to face a well-rested, incredibly talented Buccaneers team with the greatest QB to ever play the game. Yet, division games can often be closer than anyone expects, even as book Vegas odds say otherwise. Did Atlanta do it? Did they pull off the major upset or at least look competent in the process? Read on to find out.

First quarter

After winning the toss and electing to receive, the Buccaneers offense start from their 25 with a 20 yard pass to Mike Evans. Ronald Jones runs for 8 and Brady connects with Evans for another big gain. An incompletion and short run sets up 3rd and 8 and Brady hits Rob Gronkowski for the early and easy touchdown.

Falcons 0, Buccaneers 7

Starting from their 26, Ryan passes to Mike Davis for no gain. Davis picks up 7 on the run and Ryan can’t hit Patterson on the quick out. Three and out. Falcons punt (terribly).

The Bucs start from their 36 with a 17 yard pass to Chris Godwin. Leonard Fournette runs for 7 then takes a screen pass for 16. Gronk catches one for 9 and Fournette rushes for the 1st. After a few plays and a penalty sets up 3rd and long, Dante Fowler gets the strip sack of Tom Brady and Atlanta recovers.

Ryan hits Calvin Ridley for 9 to start the drive. Davis loses 1 on the 2nd down run and Ryan hits Russell Gage for 5 and the 1st. Ryan hits Lee Smith after a blown first down to setup 3rd and short. Patterson runs but can’t pick up the 1st. They tried a fake punt but it was stupid. They end up punting.

Jones runs for 2 and a bad screen pass sets up 3rd and 8. Brady misses Evans and Tampa Bay decides to punt.

Patterson runs for 2, Kyle Pitts takes the catch for 3 and Ryan runs to setup 4th and 1. The play call is a QB sneak that does not pick up the first. Turnover on downs.

A false start and run by Fournette leads to 2nd and 7. Another run takes us to the 2nd quarter with a 3rd down.

Falcons 0, Buccaneers 7

Second quarter

Tom Brady hits Godwin to convert the 1st. Fournette runs for 8 and A.J. Terrell gets flagged for DPI to setup 1st and 1. Brady finishes the drive with another TD pass to Gronkowski.

Falcons 0, Buccaneers 14

Ryan hits Gage for 5 and a swing pass to Patterson goes for a big 29 yard gain. Ryan finds Pitts for 24 and puts them into the red zone. Patterson picks up 4 on the pass and Patterson finishes the drive with a TD run.

Falcons 7, Buccaneers 14

From their 24, an overthrow to Evans is followed by a 9 yard pass to Gronk. Jones then runs for 10 and a first. After a tip and a short completion, on 3rd and 5 Isaiah Oliver defends Godwin well and Tampa Bay is forced to punt. They pin Atlanta on their 11.

Ryan can’t hit Ridley deep, the pass to Tajae Sharpe gains 8 but after a false start sets up 3rd and 8, Ryan connects with Kyle Pitts for another 24 yard gain. A series of short passes gets another 1st. Davis runs for no gain and a screen gains only 1. On 3rd and 9, Ryan is sacked by Ndamukong Suh to end the drive and force a punt.

Fournette runs for 4 and Brady connects with Godwin for 26 over the middle. Brady connects with Antonio Brown on 2nd down for another first. Brady hits O.J. Howard for 21 yards to put them in the red zone. Fournette runs for 8 then again for 4 to setup 1st and goal from the 3. Brady then hits Mike Evans for his 3rd passing touchdown.

Falcons 7, Buccaneers 21

Ryan starts the drive with a pass to Pitts for 12. After an offsides and a personal foul, Atlanta ends up in field goal range. Another offsides sets Atlanta up at the Bucs 18 with 10 seconds on the clock. After a missed shot in the end zone, Koo comes on and nails the field goal.

Falcons 10, Buccaneers 21

Third quarter

A nice return by Avery Williams is wiped out by a penalty and the Falcons drive starts on their 12. Mike Davis runs for 9 but on Ryan’s next pass, it is tipped and intercepted by Shaq Barrett.

Brady comes on and is nearly picked by Morea on the first pass. Brady hits Cameron Brate for 8 and Brady scrambles to pick up the first and setup 1st and goal from the 4. Defensive pass interference sets up 1st and goal from the 1. Brady hits Evans for another TD.

Falcons 10, Buccaneers 28

From their 25, the Atlanta offense starts with a short pass to Ridley for 3. Gage takes the quick pass for a first. Ryan to Ridley for 13 gets another first. On 3rd and 5, Patterson takes the pass out of the backfield for what looked like a touchdown, but he’s ruled out after he picks up the first. Patterson runs for 2, Ryan misfires to Ridley and on 3rd and 8 Ryan connects with Olamide Zaccheus for the first to setup 1st and goal from the 9. Ryan then hits Gage who is stopped at the 1. A second down wildcat loses 9 yards. On 3rd and 10, Ryan hits Pitts to setup 4th and goal from the 3. Ryan hits Calvin Ridley for the TD on the key down.

Falcons 17, Buccaneers 28

The Bucs offense starts on their 23 with a screen to Fournette, who fumbles after Foye forces it out. Bucs recover though. A.J. Terrell made another great pass breakup on 2nd down. On 3rd and 12, the Falcons pass rush (???) gets home as Marlon Davidson gets credit for the sack. Buccaneers punt.

Starting from the Tampa 45, Mike Davis runs for 8 on first down. After a false start and Jason Pierre-Paul batting down a pass on 2nd down, on 3rd and 7 Ryan hits Ridley for a great catch and run and the first. Davis runs for 2 and a facemask on Carlton Davis sets the Falcons up with 1st and goal from the Bucs 7. Ryan finishes the drive with a TD pass to Patterson. The Falcons go for 2 and Ryan runs it in.

Falcons 25, Buccaneers 28

From their 32, the Bucs start with a pass to Ronald Jones for 9 yards. Ronald Jones can’t run for the first and on 3rd and 1 Brady can’t hit Tyler Johnson. On 4th and 1 the Bucs convert on a Ronald Jones run as the quarter ends.

Falcons 25, Buccaneers 28

Fourth quarter

After offensive holding and a missed pass to Gronkowski on 1st down, on 2nd and 20 Deion Jones gets the sack on the blitz to set up 3rd and 28. A short pass on 3rd down goes nowhere and the Bucs punt.

Starting at their 4, the Falcons offense starts with a dump off pass to Davis for 7. Patterson catches and gains 1 and on 3rd and 1 Patterson’s run is stuffed and Atlanta has to punt.

After another terrible punt, the Bucs start on the Falcons 43 with a pass to Evans for a big gain. The drive quickly ends in another TD with a Brady pass to Godwin.

Falcons 25, Buccaneers 35

From their 25, the pass to Gage gains 2 and a pass to Davis gains a few but the 3rd down pass is picked off and run back for a touchdown. The extra point goes doink. Woof.

Falcons 25, Buccaneers 41

From their 25, Ryan hits Zaccheus for a quick first. Davis runs for 1, takes a pass for 2 and on 3rd and 7 the pass to Davis sets up 4th and 1. Ryan can’t convert the fourth down pass on the blitz and they turn it over on downs.

The Bucs come on and run for a short gain. Brady has to throw it away on 2nd down and on 3rd and 7 Giovanni Bernard picks up enough on the pass to setup 4th and 1. The Bucs decide to go for it and they can’t convert on the Fournette run. Falcons ball.

Ryan comes on and is pressured so quickly, the pass is deflected and picked off again for a pick six ... again.

Falcons 25, Buccaneers 48

Josh Rosen comes in and the Falcons offense starts from their 31 with a run by Davis for 9. Davis keeps running it and Rosen threw it once and we got to 4th and 10 before the 2 minute mercy. Rosen misses the fourth down pass and it’s a turnover on downs.

Bucs kneel us out of our misery.

Final: Falcons 25, Buccaneers 48