Self Scouting

So while the video in the link below focuses on the Packers, there is a tie to it as far as the Falcons. Over the last couple of years, offensively the latest trend has been outside zone into play action bootlegs with passing concepts like flood, yankee, etc. The Shannahan scheme. However you want to refer to it, we've all seen it. The Rams, Browns, Titans still (now Falcons), Niners, Packers, Broncos, Vikings, now the Seahawks, some teams are borrowing from it or outright basing their entire offense on it. I bring up self scouting because if you're going to have a foundation base for your offense or defense, and you know it's trending in the league successfully, you have to anticipate that teams will focus on stopping it especially if they have an entire offseason to focus on it.

Personally, I prefer teams that run multiple simple schemes than excelling at one in detail because I think it gives more flexibility week to week. Jack of all trades, master of none. But the master of a scheme is totally fine to me if you are able to stay ahead of the chains and anticipate how teams will try to take the good away. I got the sense that the team offensively was just running a lot of the basics of the Shannahan scheme, which is totally fine. As long as they anticipated how teams would now try to defend it having been widely exposed to it, and made preemptive adjustments. Which I don't know that they did. Instead of a "don't fix it unless it's broke" approach, assume that given the history of the league it will eventually break and you'll be ready when it does. Self scouting.

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