Reactions to Game One

Let me get the obvious out of the way:
  1. The game Sunday was disappointing.
  2. It was the first game of a 17 game season.
I understand that we are in an instant fix, I want it now, why isn't everything perfect, day and age. We can also all get our opinion out in less than one minute and in less than 140 characters. So all those negative sentiments we would've sat on and thought about years ago, get hurled into the web where we get quick affirmation that we're not the only ones that feel that way and a cycle of doom begins.

Oh man, the penalties. Oh man, look at the o-line. Oh man, no pass rush. Oh man, Ryan's on the ground again. Oh man, we drafted the wrong guys. Oh man, we hired the wrong guys. Oh man, the Smith's should've moved the team to JAX when they had the chance.

I get it. We have earned our conditioning towards this sense of doom. It will be in our DNA until a Lombardi is paraded down Peachtree and even then I believe we'll be looking to the sky for an asteroid to crater our city. Or for Tom Brady to swoop in and take it to wherever he's playing then.

I hate to quote Aaron Rodgers, but let's R-E-L-A-X. Overreacting to week one in the NFL is practically its own industry now. Buffalo probably sucks. So does Green Bay. Houston probably can win a SB with Tyrod Taylor. Jameis for MVP (that might happen; Sean Payton is an f'n miracle worker.) And Atlanta will never win again.

Let's give this team and these guys a little bit of time to get their bearings before we bail on the whole endeavor.

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