Accountability? How about some Penalty Fines

Arthur Smith preaches "accountability," but we need to see it. It's not that we lost. It's how we lost. nce again, a Falcons team showed un on Sunday unprepared, undisciplined, being out played, out schemed, and out coached. If I'm a first year coach trying to change the culture around here, I'd start implementing policies. If a player commits a certain number of penalties in a game, fine them a disclosed amount. If a unit as a while (oline, d-line, secondary, etc,) commits a certain number of penalties, fine that unit a disclosed amount of money. We can talk about benchings all we want, but with the lack of depth we have, it won't really make anything better if not worse. But when money talks, you best believe these guys will start listening. We saw little to no accountability under the previous regimes and while I'm not a fan of this coaching staff as constructed, maybe they can win the fans over by holding players accountable with a fine system similar or equal to the one I proposed above. Now, whether or not it's against leave rules is one thing. But if it is, I think you'll see a difference in the number of penalties we have each game if implemented. What do you guys think?

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