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Monday Night Football open thread: Raiders vs. Ravens

The final game of Week 1 features a matchup between two expected AFC contenders.

Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders Set Number: X162345 TK1

If you’re like us, you’re still reeling from the Falcons loss yesterday, but there’s nowhere to go but forward from here. We can start by watching more football that doesn’t involve Atlanta.

Tonight’s matchup pits the Raiders against the Ravens, and it should be at least an interesting one. Baltimore has been wrecked by injuries in recent weeks, which has cost them their two top running backs and their best cornerback, and they’ll have to fight through those in order to contend. Las Vegas is trying to put something together after some considerable time spent tire spinning with Derek Carr at quarterback and Jon Gruden coaching, and a win against even a depleted Ravens team would signal they’ve improved.

Watch right here and chat with your fellow fans.