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Falcons vs. Eagles: Who was the offensive player of the game?

My god why am I writing this?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the thing: we try to put together a series of articles that all of you can look forward to. Articles you can count on during the season. This is one of those. Unfortunately.

Atlanta has made it sure that this will be the most difficult thing I write all week. I’m questioning my sanity as I try to find the guys who stood out on offense, so I’m just going to lean into the positives and even give you an inverse negative just for giggles. So vote, and let your frustrations flow free.

The options

Cordarelle Patterson

He’s probably the most logical choice because he legitimately surprised us on Sunday. In fact, he easily out-performed starting RB Mike Davis and made a case for a larger role in the backfield. He had 7 carries for 54 yards and a healthy 7.7 average. He was explosive and looked natural coming out of the backfield. One of the only bright spots all afternoon.

The options get more lackluster from here.

Matt Ryan

Ryan was barely able to drop back without being hit, yet somehow managed to move the offense in the early going, finishing 21/35 for 164 yards. It’s honestly sort of a miracle that he made it out of the game in one piece given how frequently he was sacked and hit.

Jaylen Mayfield

Mayfield was the worst offensive lineman on Sunday. By a long shot. Maybe in the entire NFL. I’m not sure that you could have performed worse than he did. So just know if you’re voting for Mayfield, you are doing it ironically, to give big middle-finger to the team for putting a player on the field who looked like he simply wasn’t ready to be out there.

The Clock

Time is our only friend. It moves us forward and closer and closer to the end of painful things. Like this game.

Your vote


Falcons vs Eagles OPOG

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  • 50%
    Cordarelle Patterson
    (133 votes)
  • 4%
    Matt Ryan
    (12 votes)
  • 19%
    Jaylen Mayfield
    (51 votes)
  • 25%
    The Clock
    (68 votes)
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