Trying to have a positive spin on today! Sorry for the MR trolling y'all God bless him FR.

I got super drunk during the game with my Navy bud's and gal's so i apologize for being so obnoxious, im sure most of yall could tell hahaha!

Anyways I really do like Matt Ryan, I love every single season he gave to us before last year, even in 2019 where I felt like he started to drop off. I'm going to still hold out hope he will prove me wrong this season and get us a ring.

The only plus from this game was if we are going to get smacked in the face, I'd like it to happen sooner rather then later. We are about to learn a lot about how our Offensive minded head coach, OL and yes even the holier than us mere mortals MR2 will respond. You do or die in this sport, just like life. Adjust or get ready to be crushed by media. Heres to hoping we Rise Up! no joke y'all. Prove me wrong bro! Get us a ring MR2.

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