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Falcons 6, Eagles 32: Pain and misery in the ATL

Did the Arthur Smith era start off on the right foot?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are looking to put a disastrous 4-12 season behind them while also starting the Arthur Smith era with a home win. The Eagles - also fielding a new head coach - are looking to take an early lead in the NFC Easter after Dallas dropped the Thursday night game to the Bucs. Who came out ahead? Read on to find out.

First quarter

After winning the toss and electing to receive, the revamped Atlanta offense starts from their 25 with a pass from Matt Ryan to Calvin Ridley for 16 and the first. Mike Davis runs for 11 and 4 and Patterson takes a pass for 2. On 3rd and 5, Ryan hits Ridley again for the first. After an incompletion and a short run, Ryan finds Ridley yet again for the conversion. A short run is followed by a great catch and run by Hurst to setup first and goal. The offense unfortunately stalls out and they settle for the field goal.

Falcons 3, Eagles 0

Starting on their 25, the Eagles offense starts with Quez Watkins getting the first on a short pass and Atlanta getting flagged for unnecessary roughness to add 15. Same pass, same gain on the next play. A short pass is followed by Jalen Hurts running for 12 and the first. Miles Sanders runs for 7 and again for 5 to setup 3rd and 3. Hurts hits Devonta Smith for the touchdown and Philly takes the lead.

Falcons 3, Eagles 7

Ryan and the offense start from their 17 with a Patterson run for 10. Keith Smith takes the pass for 4 and Patterson runs for the first. Hurst takes the pass for 7 and Patterson runs again for 14. Davis runs for 1, Pitts can’t pull in the pass and on 3rd and 9, Ryan runs for 8. On 4th and 1, Ryan hits Pitts for the very narrow first. Davis runs for 7 and again for 12 to setup 1st and goal from inside the 5. Multiple Penalties makes it first and goal from the 12. An incompletion and a short run sets up 3rd and goal for the Falcons as the quarter closes out.

Falcons 3, Eagles 7

Second quarter

With 3rd and goal from the 10, the offense stalls out as Ryan has to throw it away. Koo nails the short field goal.

Falcons 6, Eagles 7

Starting on their 17, the Eagles gain 13 on the pass to Dallas Goedert. Zach Ertz gains 28 on a wide open pass (that he actually dropped). Sanders runs for 6 and on 3rd and 4, Fabian Moreau bats away the pass intended for Devonta Smith. Eagles go for it on 4th down and Grady Jarrett forces Hurts to throw it away. Turnover on downs.

The Falcons start with a hold by Kaleb McGary on a run to setup 1st and 20. Davis takes the pass for 8 and enchroachment by Fletcher Cox sets up 2nd and 6. Pattersons run sets up 3rd and 3 but a false start on Jalen Mayfield makes it 3rd and 8. Patterson then runs for 10 and the first. A short run and a quick pocket collapse that ends in intentional grounding sets up 3rd and 20 and the pass to Hurst sets up the punt.

From their 19, Miles Sanders runs for 6 and Devonta Smith takes the pass for the first. Two passes to Smith picks up another first. Jalen Reagor picks up another first. A hold puts the Eagles behind with 1st and 20. AJ Terrell gets the tackle for loss on 1st, and a penalty sets up 2nd and 28. After Deion Jones knocks down the pass on 2nd down, on 3rd and 28 Fabian Moreau blows up the screen. Eagles punt from the 50.

Starting on their 8, Davis runs for 1 and Mayfield gets another false start penalty. On 2nd and 14, Davis runs for 5 and on 3rd and 8 Davis runs again for just a few. Falcons punt.

The Eagles offense starts from their 38 with a pass to Kenneth Gainwell that gains 9. and he eventually converts the first on a run. A scramble by Hurts gains 4 and a false start makes it 2nd and 9. Ertz gains 4 on the pass and Hurts escapes for the first. Gainwell runs for 4 and Hurts runs for first. After a false start, Hurts hits Reagor for 10. On 3rd and 5, Goedert picks up the first to setup first and goal with 15 seconds left. Hurts hits Gainwell for the touchdown, but a penalty brings it back. It doesn’t matter, as Hurts finds Goedert for the touchdown. After a penalty, Philly opts to for for 2 and get it easily.

Falcons 6, Eagles 15 at the half

Third quarter

The Eagles offense starts on their 20 with a 23 yard run by Miles Sanders. Two short runs up the middle are followed by a sack by Jacob Tuioti-Mariner on 3rd down. Eagles punt.

The Falcons offense starts from their 14 a short pass to Ridley for 5. After Davis is dropped for a loss, on 3rd and 5 Ryan can’t connect with Ridley and they’re forced to punt.

The Eagles start on their 31 with a pass for no gain and a run by Hurts for 12. Sanders runs for 18 and two more runs picks up another first. Sanders runs for 3, takes a pass for 5 and the 3rd down pass goes incomplete. On 4th and 2, the Eagles can’t convert on the run by Gainwell and it’s Falcons ball.

From their 19, the Atlanta offense starts with a pass to Pitts but the pick by Hurst brings it back. Ryan targets Kyle Pitts again and picks up 18 to setup 2nd and 2. Patterson loses a few yards after bobbling the handoff and on 3rd down another offensive pass interference sets them back. On 3rd and 15, Ryan throws to Hurst but it goes nowhere. Atlanta punts.

From the 50, the Eagles gain 8 on a screen to Goedert. After two runs gain a first and Ade Ogundeji stops Hurts for a 2 yard run and Sanders picks up 25 on the run, Gainwell runs in virtually untouched for the touchdown.

Falcons 6, Eagles 22

From their 25, Davis runs for no gain and a pass interferences gives them a first. Patterson then takes the catch for a first and Davis runs for a short loss as the quarter mercifully ends.

Falcons 6, Eagles 22

Fourth quarter

The quarter opens with Ryan hit as he throws to setup 3rd and 11. The drive ends with another incompletion from Ryan as he targeted Ridley. Punt!

A quick pass to Reagor gains 7 and Deion Jones gets a nice tackle for loss on Sanders to setup 3rd and 9. On the money down, the blitz can’t get home and Hurts his Smith for the first. After a throw away and a gain of 9 by Sanders, Erik Harris gets a tackle for loss to force 4th and 1. Eagles punt.

From inside their 10, Ryan hits the fullback for 6 and again for the first. After Calvin Ridley drops the deep pass and Davis drops the dump off, on 3rd and 10 Ryan hits Pitts for 7. Atlanta chooses to punt.

From their 20, the Eagles offense starts with a run by Sanders for 5. Sanders then loses 3 and on 3rd and 8 TJ Green tackles Sanders on the short pass to force a punt.

Ryan connects with the pass to Davis for 6 and again for the first. Ryan is nearly sacked and smartly intentionally grounds it. On 2nd and 20, the run by Davis gains 4. Ridley gains 6 on the pass and on 4th and 10 Ryan is sacked by Javon Hargrave.

The Eagles start with a scramble by Hurts, but holding brings it back. He runs it for 10 and the subsequent pass to Jalen Reagor goes for the touchdown.

Falcons 6, Eagles 29

From their 20, the Falcons pick up big yards on defensive PI. Pitts gains 5 and Ryan is sacked again. Gage can’t haul in the difficult sideline pass. On 4th and 13, Ryan is taken down again. Turnover on downs.

The Eagles start with a short run for a loss and a penalty and none of this really matters. On 3rd and 10 they run it again - mercifully - and opt for the clock rundown to help put us out of our misery. They punch in the field goal to close out the drive.

Falcons 6, Eagles 32

Final: Falcons 6, Eagles 32