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Falcons vs. Eagles Week 1 open thread

It’s time.

NFL: SEP 15 Eagles at Falcons

This offseason was a lot of things: Interesting, aggravating, interminable, a roller coaster of mildly elevated hopes and dour head shaking. The Atlanta Falcons are in a better place than they were a year ago by virtue of not being tied to a rudderless regime that unfortunately was clearly playing out the string heading into the 2020 season, but whether they’re a better football team is still very much in the air. We’re only minutes away from learning just how much of a difference all the new coaching changes, draft picks, signings and trades have made for this team, and good or bad, I can’t wait to have that kind of clarity again.

This is, as is our custom, your open thread for the game ahead, with a new one hitting at halftime as necessary. Use this to vent about, praise and/or lament your favorite football team as they host the Philadelphia Eagles in a battle of two retooling teams hoping for far better 2021s.

Go Falcons! May you win and may we all have a pleasant football Sunday for the first time in a while.