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Falcoholic Podcast: Learning more about the Philadelphia Eagles

Kyle Bennett of Underground Sports Philadelphia gives us a deeper look at the Falcons upcoming opponent.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta and Philadelphia come into this game with a brand new coaching staff but with a good bit of established talent on each roster. For the Eagles, they’re also coming in with an offense that is a mix of hardened veterans and youth at almost all of the skill positions. Is this a team that can compete in the NFC East this year? What kind of issues could they cause the Falcons?

Kyle Bennett of Underground Sports Philadelphia joins me on the podcast to give us a deep dive into this Eagles team. Topics include:

  • The state of the Eagles offensive line after losing Jason Peters and why it may still be one of the better ones in the NFL
  • Jalen Hurts and his development going into year 2 and whether he could be the answer at QB
  • The talent surrounding the QB including guys like Zach Ertz and Devonta Smith
  • The terrifying defensive front and why Fletcher Cox should terrify Atlanta fans
  • Whether or not Darius Slay and the rest of the secondary will be able to keep pace with Calvin Ridley and the Falcons other weapons
  • So much more

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