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The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has pledged $1 million to Hurricane Ida relief efforts

Find out how you can get involved below.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In Louisiana and the surrounding region right now, Hurricane Ida has wreaked untold havoc, leaving the people who live there in danger and without essentials they need to live, including power and potable water. They need help.

In response to the impact of the hurricane and the storm’s ongoing impact as it continues to move north, Arthur M. Blank today announced two grants through his family foundation totaling $1 million to the American Red Cross and the Greater New Orleans Foundation. The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation is making commitments of $500,000 each to The American Red Cross and the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF). Both of these organizations are currently on the ground working with those affected by the storm.

“This storm’s impact on many people and communities will be felt for some time and that includes many of our family, friends and associates across our portfolio of businesses and foundation who have personal connections to the Gulf Coast,” said Blank. “Many of the communities being devastated by this storm are already reeling from COVID. So many are without power and resources are already stretched thin, so it is not only impacting those who were in the storm’s path, but also those who’ve been called upon to help those areas get back on their feet. We are in a time of crisis, and we’re so grateful for the first responders, health care workers and other public servants who are already going above and beyond. We hope to play a small part in helping those communities recover by supporting two organizations providing relief on the ground. We encourage others to join the effort to lift those impacted by this storm.”

Falcons fans and Saints fans have one of the best rivalries in sports, but that’s all it is: sports. Right now, it’s important to remember that these are friends and fellow citizens who are dealing with another major, life-threatening disaster 16 years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region. No matter how big or small, anything you are willing to donate to help those in need is greatly appreciated and frankly vital to what’s going to be a long and difficult recovery for those who were in the path of Ida.

Please donate by visiting these websites, or by reaching out to those you know in the region and asking what you can do to help.