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Calvin Ridley: Calvin Ridley’s foot feels much better after 2020 injuries, offseason surgery

If we didn’t see Ridley at 100% next year, then we really can’t wait to see him at 100% this year.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

Calvin Ridley briefly sparked an injury scare when we learned he underwent what was termed “minor” foot surgery back in June, chiefly because nothing seems minor when it deals with your feet. Happily, we got an update from the man himself today, and it’s a positive one.

Per Wendy Adams at 92.9 The Game in Atlanta comes the quote below, which makes it clear the injuries Ridley suffered last year caused pain and Ridley is full-go for the season at the moment. The fact that Ridley was playing through pain and was still killing it while Julio Jones was out is a good indication that he’s going to be lethal this year as Atlanta’s top option in the passing game.

This is a hugely positive note given that we all fretted over Ridley’s availability for camp a little bit following the initial reports about his surgery. Our own Kevin Knight has been at Flowery Branch and has noted Ridley looking good and working on red zone drills quite a bit alongside presumptive #2 receiver Russell Gage, which is another positive note. I wouldn’t expect to see much of Ridley during preseason given how critical he’ll be to the 2021 offense, but I’m all-in on him having a tremendous year as long he’s healthy for the start of the season.

File this under rare good news, and hope good news is all we get the rest of the way.