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Your Falcons - Dolphins preseason thread

Come hang out and watch, cheer for and maybe lament the Falcons preseason performance.

NFL: Miami Dolphins Training Camp Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We’re about a half hour away from kickoff for the second Falcons preseason game. This one promises to be a little more enjoyable than last week more or less by default—the sacks and pressure were great, but the offense was so awful it sort of make things tough to watch—and hopefully some additional separation in the position and roster battles. Remember, the Falcons have five more cuts to make before this coming Tuesday afternoon.

Their opponent is the same Miami Dolphins team they practiced with this week, and the same Miami Dolphins team they’ll see in the regular season. There won’t be any secret sauce revealed in today’s game for either team, but both will be trying to settle battles along their respective offensive lines and not embarrass themselves.

You can tune in on FOX5 locally, listen on 92.95 the Game, or if you’re like me and you’re a long ways away, there’s an NFL Gamepass subscription or free 7 day trial. Enjoy, go Falcons, and may the team stay healthy.