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Matt Ryan, Deion Jones revealed to be the 10th-highest rated players at their positions in Madden 22

Ryan’s rating fell by a couple of points from last year’s rendition of the game.

Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Madden week continued in full force on Friday, as the 2022 rendition of the popular video game continued to reveal the 10 highest rated players at each position group with the quarterbacks. As always, they’re controversial and contentious.

Thus far, the 10 highest rated players have been revealed at the following positions: wide receiver, tight end, defensive tackle, running back, safety, cornerback, edge rusher and now linebacker and quarterback.

Matt Ryan was the first Falcon thus far to crack the top 10 list at any of those revealed position groups, coming in 10th place among QBs with an 85 rating. Deion Jones joined him when EA dropped linebacker ratings later in the evening, and he clocked in at an 86.

Ryan has consistently been among the highest rated quarterbacks in the game year after year, never dropping below an 83, which was his rookie season mark in the 2008 rendition of the game. In fact, this year’s 85 is his lowest rating going into a season since Madden 16 had him at an 84, after 2015 proved to be one of the worst statistical seasons of the Boston College man’s career.

Ryan cracked a rating of 90+ in Madden 13 (94), Madden 15 (90), and Madden 17, which represented his peak rating of 97 coming off of his MVP season in 2016. He was an 89 in three consecutive years between Madden 2018 and Madden 2020, before falling to an 87 in 2021 and now an 85 this year.

Jones is also consistently a player who earns strong ratings owing to his play and reputation. In Madden 17, he got a 71 rating as a rookie, but since then he’s been consistently among the better (and certainly faster) linebackers in the game, picking up an 81 in Madden 18, and a 90 in both the 2019 and 2020 editions. His rating took a dip this year despite it being a huge bounceback season for him after an injury-marred 2019, which makes no real sense.

Matt Ryan is coming off of a season where he totaled 4,581 passing yards and a very respectable touchdown/interception ratio of 26/11. The 93.3 passer rating he had was the fifth-highest of his career.

Deion Jones, meanwhile, managed 106 tackles and a career-high 4.5 sacks last year, adding 2 interceptions and another defensive touchdown, his 5th career score. That’s easily the Falcons franchise record, and Jones heads into 2021 hoping to build on a great year in Dean Pees’ defense.

Thus far, we now know Ryan and Jonse’ Madden ratings as well as Kyle Pitts’, as he was revealed to be the highest-rated rookie in the the game earlier this week.