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Falcons 2021 schedule predictions: The Jets in week 5

Can Atlanta come out on top in the battle of two new head coaches?

NFL: New York Jets OTA John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

In week 5, Atlanta gets to play their second consecutive game at home against one of the few teams that had a record worse than them in 2020: the Jets. New York has hired highly respected coach Robert Saleh and they took their next QB of the future in Zach Wilson. This is a team that many people aren’t expecting much out of for 2021 but their early building blocks could be good ones. Let’s take a look at how we think this game might go down.

Our predictions

Falcons 28 - Jets 17

Atlanta gets a nice match-up here at home. Dean Pees loves to disguise coverages and this is likely to perplex rookie QBs more than anything. Zach Wilson may end up being a great QB, but he’s going to be facing a defense helmed by a great defensive mind looking to keep him confused. Additionally, the Jets 2020 defense was in the bottom third of the league and while Saleh should help improve that, I believe Arthur Smith may start hitting his stride with the offense starting around this time. This is a game the Falcons should not lose. - David Walker

Falcons 30 - Jets 21

Atlanta’s due for a bounceback after their projected (at least by me) loss the previous week, and they get a prime matchup against the Jets. I like Robert Saleh and this New York team may finally be headed in the right direction, but you can’t just dump water on a tire fire and call it a day. With a rookie quarterback and not a ton of talent just yet, the Jets will struggle to beat the Falcons as long as their offense shows up, as I expect it will. This one may not be as close as the final score indicates. - Dave Choate

Falcons 28 - Jets 17

Believe it or not, but the first four weeks of the season for the Falcons will, at the very least, be a physical gauntlet as the new regime endures their first month of live action. The Falcons won’t be the only team in this matchup with a rookie head coach that has been a hot topic the past couple of seasons. I like new Jets head coach Robert Saleh. He reminds me some of Dan Qui….wait, ok nevermind. Anyway, this offseason was a positive step in the right direction for the Jets franchise. While they may not be much of a challenge in the AFC East, I expect a more competitive team. But this is a contest where I think the Falcons can flex their muscles a bit. Especially on offense. A game where the combination of Ridley, Pitts, and others can be a handful for the Jets for four quarters. - Eric Robinson

Falcons 27 - Jets 13

I’m nearly certain that every fan with the Jets on their schedule pencil that game in as a win. It is not just because they will be starting a rookie quarterback, a rookie head coach, and questionable talent along a number of premium positions. It is in part because they are the Jets. A team that has been pretty bad for a pretty long time. When faced with choosing a winner between Atlanta, with its lack of Julio or a defense, and the Jets, I pick Atlanta and Atlanta by a lot. - Matt Chambers

Falcons 21 - Jets 24

This is not a game the Falcons should lose, but it’s certainly a game the Falcons could lose. There’s a lot that goes into a game in London, which is where this matchup will take place. When does the team travel? What are the restrictions on the team once over there? Do they prioritize rest or preparation? With two first-time head coaches, the team that has the better game plan throughout the week gets the leg up. Given Saleh’s background in San Francisco, a team that only ever moved ahead in time when it traveled, I think that could give him the edge. Plus, the Jets are a little more talented and should play better than the Adam Gase squad. Again, I think the Falcons could easily win this game, but I worry about a sleepy first half getting Atlanta into trouble and allowing New York to steal this. - Will McFadden

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Falcons vs Jets Week 5

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