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NFL teams can resume using alternate-color helmets starting in 2022

Can we expect to see a red Falcons helmet?

Since 2013, the NFL has had the infamous “one-shell” rule in place, limiting most teams from wearing throwback uniforms and mandating that team’s use the same helmet through the entire season. The Falcons were one of the lucky few who could still have a throwback uniform due to their old black helmet/logo combination, but it also prevented them from using red helmets, which they donned from 1966 until 1990 and also used during the 2012 season.

Finally, the day has come. I have waited what feels like an eternity for the NFL’s horrific one-shell rule to dissolve, and today I’m happy to share that it will, soon. According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL stated in a memo sent to teams earlier today that a new policy will give teams the opportunity to use two different helmets starting in the 2022 season. Although this news means that we will have another year of only one-shell helmets, at least we officially have an idea of when that will end.

In April, Brett Jewkes, who is the Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of AMB Group, appeared on The Falcholic Live and provided the group with insight into the inner workings of the team, including some tantalizing thoughts about the team’s helmets.

I think most people know that there’s an NFL rule on single helmets right now. There has been talk in the last couple years that it’s going to be amended. Without breaking any news tonight, I can tell you that the day that happens — the red helmet is pretty darn popular, not just outside our building.

We actually, when we did the uniforms, we looked at a couple schematics, just to see what it would look like with the new uniforms — there’s some pretty cool ones. There’s some stuff locked in a safe somewhere that, if we ever got a green light, I can tell you that there’s a lot of people who have an interest in the red helmet — and I’m one.

Although there’s no official word by the Falcons just yet on the possibility of an alternate red helmet next season, I am hopeful. I personally love the new helmets, but it would be great to see a red helmet thrown in, though whether that’s with the throwback uniforms or the modern look will be determined later.

It’s a good marketing move for the NFL as well, considering a lot of teams have shied away from using throwback uniforms because of the one-shell rule. This will lead to more creativity for teams in the future and allow those teams to sell more throwback uniforms, a win-win for everyone.