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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, June 11


NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Jones dominated the week, as he should. Read on for Friday’s Falcoholinks.

Julio Jones traded: The aftermath

Like a car crash in slow motion, we saw it coming in the wake of The Interview with Shannon Sharpe — but it didn’t make the reality any easier to accept. Julio Jones, the greatest wide receiver in Atlanta Falcons history, is now wearing another team’s jersey.

The reactions online were swift and frenzied as the fanbase grappled with the realization that Jones would now be catching passes in Tennessee. It clearly means a lot for the Falcons and for their plans for this seasonand it certainly means a lot for Calvin Ridley.

And while we all likely wanted to see Julio Jones in a Falcons jersey for the entirety of his career, it was the right move for the player — and hopefully, the organization — to close his Atlanta chapter, says our Cory Woodroof.

Regardless of how you’re dealing with the news, it’s worth looking back on Julio Jones’ stellar Atlanta career and embracing the moments that made him the greatest wide receiver to ever don the red-and-black — us here at The Falcoholic did that, as well.

Calvin Ridley underwent foot surgery

Probably not the news you’d like to hear in the wake of the Julio Jones trade, but Calvin Ridley’s absence at mandatory minicamp thus far is reportedly the result of minor offseason foot surgery. He should be good to go by July.

The cap: The aftermath

So by shedding Julio Jones’ salary, the Falcons had to free up some cap space, right? Yes — that was one of the prime motivators for the trade. While you’d expect Atlanta to find themselves with some kind of Scrooge McDuckian windfall, the cap situation remains sketchy in the years ahead.

Minicamp roundup

Calvin Ridley’s absence aside: How has mandatory minicamp looked so far for the Falcons?

Get caught up on the first day’s happenings and the report from the second day.

Greatest Moments

The Falcons’ Greatest Moments bracket continues with:

Region 2, Round 2

Region 3, Round 2

Region 4, Round 2

The Falcoholic Live Episode 147

The crew from the Falcoholic Live dissected the Julio Jones trade in this week’s episode, and they discussed minicamp, as well. If you missed the latest episode live, you can catch the replay right here.