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Falcons roundtable: Favorite Julio Jones moments

The Falcoholic staff shares their favorite Julio Jones moments from his time in Atlanta.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Ten years. That’s how long Julio Jones played for the Atlanta Falcons, creating numerous moments and memories for fans to enjoy. In all, Jones was invited to seven Pro Bowls and selected as a first-team All-Pro for two seasons. He currently sits in the franchise record books with the most receiving yards (12,896) and most catches (848) in team history, and sits 2nd behind Roddy White for most receiving touchdowns (60), and is generally recognized as both the greatest receiver in franchise history and one of the best of his generation.

Although he’s no longer a part of the team, Jones will always be a Falcon. One of the things we pride ourselves in at The Falcoholic, is that yes, we are writers, but above all we are Falcons fans. Like you, we have our favorite Jones moments and The Falcoholic staff is here to share those with you. Be sure to share your favorite Julio Jones memories in the comment section below.

That time he obliterated the Panthers defense with 300 yards

It’s not easy to pick a favorite Julio Jones moment, but the Falcons’ 2016 win over the Panthers at home might be the closest thing to an obvious answer. Jones pulled in 12 catches for 300 yards exactly, breaking his own franchise record of 259 yards against the Packers in Dec. 2014. His chemistry with Matt Ryan was on full display in the 43-33 win, as Ryan set a franchise record of his own with 503 passing yards.

As if getting burnt to a crisp all day by one of the league’s best receivers wasn’t humiliating enough, the Panthers decided to move on from starting quarterback Bené Benwikere after his failure, as a mere mortal, to even remotely contain Jones. When I think of Julio’s legacy here in Atlanta, that game is always going to be top of mind. - Jeanna Kelley

When he murdered the entire Packers secondary in the playoffs

From a stats standpoint it wasn’t his best game ever, but it may have been one of his most memorable. Even when playing with turf toe, Julio managed to put up an impressive stat line of 9 receptions for 180 yards and 2 touchdowns. When Green Bay pressed him, he blew past them. When they gave him space, he ran through them. Guys like Ladarius Gunter and Damarious Randall were simply no match.

Ladarius Gunter found out what it meant to be burned alive in that game at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Even after nearly pulling Julio to the ground and getting flagged for the penalty, Julio still caught the pass and took it 73 yards for his 2nd touchdown of the game. Jones stiff-armed another corner in the process just to add to the humiliation. Fans can talk about Julio being injured all the time, but on this night it made no difference. Turf toe or not, Jones was simply a monster who destroyed an entire secondary nearly by himself. - David Walker

Too many to count...

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to my favorite memory, because so many come to my head. I do treasure his touchdown in the NFC Championship against the Packers in 2016-2017 playoffs. The way he was interfered with and displayed his pure dominance, it really displayed what Julio Jones’ career was about: being legendary. In my eyes, he’s one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game and will definitely shine immortally in Canton some day.

I’m going to miss the feeling of knowing we have an athlete on the field who can make a one of a kind catch on any given play, although I hope to see Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts climb to that level. Regardless of what happens in Tennessee, I’m just thankful I was able to witness Julio from a fan perspective and also cover a portion of his career as writer. Thanks for the memories. - Evan Birchfield

That time he made an impossible thing look easy

What’s that, you say? That doesn’t narrow it down at all? Fair.

The moment that sticks in my mind more than any other is the one below against the Panthers. Julio has caused a defender to fall down already, but the great Luke Kuechly is there and leaping to try to take the pass away. Against a mere mortal, Kuechly bats that ball away and the Falcons keep trying, but Julio is not a mere mortal. Instead, he leaps higher, extends his arms out so far they appear to stretch out in the clip, and comes down with the ball. He then leaves Kuechly on the ground and the other defender in the dust for what only he could make look like an easy touchdown.

This is what Julio did: He made plays that few other receivers could, turning great passes into superlative catches and shaky passes into...well, superlative catches. I know we’re all ready to move on and talk about who’s on the roster and what’s ahead for the Falcons—it has been a very long offseason—but don’t scrub the Julio era from your mind without remembering the great times we enjoyed while he was here. May Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts give us the same kind of memories in the days ahead. - Dave Choate

When he almost singlehandedly beat the Packers on MNF

Honestly, my favorite moment was actually the Carolina game Jeanna mentioned, but I wanted to demonstrate just how much of a selection there is to choose from regarding Julio Jones moments. There were about 3-4 more plays I could have recommended that haven’t even been mentioned yet, such as the 250-yard game against the Bucs in 2017 or burning Byron Maxwell in the 2015 season opener. Hey, there was also the game against Patrick Peterson from this same 2014 season.

Jones went for 259 receiving yards against a Green Bay team that was vastly superior to Atlanta. The Falcons found themselves down 31-7 at the half but through Julio’s heroics, they fought back to within one possession. It was one of the most impressive performances I’ve seen, as it felt like Jones was shaking off everything the Packers threw at him. He was getting his despite the fact that he was the only threat Atlanta possessed. - Adnan Ikic