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Falcons 2021 draft class selects their jersey numbers

New players, new numbers

Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The 2021 NFL Draft is now in the books. The Atlanta Falcons selected several talented players, some of whom will compete for starting roles, while others will likely provide much needed depth to their respective positions. One of the most exciting parts of seeing new players added to the team for m is seeing what jersey numbers they will wear when they take the field this fall.

Fortunately, we now know what those numbers are.

What you may immediately notice is that the Falcons’ first-round selection Kyle Pitts will wear No. 8, which stands out as an odd number for a tight end. Well, there’s an explanation for this in case you missed the recent news. Last month, NFL owners approved a rule change that now allows players to wear single-digit numbers if they are running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. So, with Cordarrelle Patterson wearing No. 84, which was Pitts’ college number at Florida, he has elected to go with No. 8.

One thing that brought a smile to my face as a uniform/jersey number enthusiast was seeing Frank Darby select No. 88. While I was growing up, all NFL wide receivers had a number in the 80s. These days, that’s increasingly rare as most wide receivers use a number in the teens, and now you’ll likely see more wearing single digit numbers for the first time. Hopefully Darby can do good things with that number.