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Julio Jones: “I’m out (of Atlanta). I want to win”

When asked, the future Hall of Fame wide receiver said he is done in Atlanta.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Falcons fans have been waiting all offseason for something concrete on the future of Julio Jones. Were the Falcons rebuilding? Did Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot think they could win with the current team? The only clear thing occurring was the new regime was taking calls on Julio, and seemingly all players, in light of some cap issues.

Whether that meant Julio would definitely be gone or not was unclear. We have heard little to nothing about the team’s or Julio’s hopes for 2021.

Until Monday when Julio said he is out of Atlanta. This one hurts.

Jones has a close relationship with Shannon Sharpe. The former tight end decided to call Jones directly during the taping of Undisputed. Sharpe asked Julio if he wanted to go to Dallas or to stay in Atlanta.

Julio said, “No, I’m out of there, man.”

Asked where he wanted to go, Julio said he wants to win. Julio said that is not in Dallas.

It is unclear if Julio knew his audio was picked up for television. Regardless, we know that Jones believes he will not play for the Falcons again.