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Falcoholic Podcast: Will Julio Jones be traded?

Will McFadden and I discuss the reasons why the trade rumors are more than just smoke.

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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons need to sign their rookie draft class but they currently are unable to do so. With under 500k in cap space (depending on who you ask), they probably can’t even sign their late rounders, much less someone like Kyle Pitts. If you want to know why there is talk around trading Julio Jones, this is a key reason.

On that note, Will McFadden and I jumped onto a podcast to talk about the specifics of such a trade and why it’s probably not just smoke.

Topics discussed:

  • Why would the Falcons even consider this if they are supposedly in “win now” mode?
  • What, if any, alternatives may be available to them
  • Reasons why a move is likely to happen very early in June, no matter what it is
  • How Grady Jarrett factors into this equation
  • The sad reality of NFL careers - the longer you play, the less likely you’ll finish with the team that drafted you
  • So much more...

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