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Falcoholic Podcast: Just how good is Kyle Pitts?

We talk specifics in our latest podcast focused on the first round pick for Atlanta

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South Carolina vs Florida Photo by Evan Lapek/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

If you’re like me, you’ve heard numerous stories about how good Kyle Pitts can be in the NFL. Some have talked about how he’s a generational player. Others say he’s more of a wide receiver than a tight end. Yet still he’s compared to players like Calvin Johnson before he’s even taken a snap in the NFL.

To dive deeper into some of this, I was joined by Adam Holloway to talk about his recent twitter thread where he watched quite a few games of Pitts to see just how good this kid can be. Spoiler alert: he can be really good.

Topics discussed:

  • Why Pitts blocking is better than some have said and why - at minimum - he shouldn’t be a liability in this aspect of his game
  • Whether or not Pitts is a willing blocker or just someone who will “get in the way”
  • His sheer dominance as a receiver and why it’s nearly impossible to gameplan for him
  • The quality competition he faced in the SEC and why it bodes well for his success at the next level
  • So much more

As always, you can find the podcast wherever fine podcasts are available or you can listen below:

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