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2021 NFL Draft Day 3 open thread

Let’s hope the Falcons close this thing out as strongly as possible.

2021 NFL Draft Experience Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images

The Falcons have made three picks and have six left on day three of the draft. They’ll hope to pick up a couple more players who can at least play significant roles as reserves, and then round out their roster with players they like. Whether they are relatively position-agnostic or elect to follow Friday’s night course of picking up their favorite guys at areas of need, they really need to continue to prioritize athletic, aggressive, and versatile players with upside.

That’ll start in the fourth round, where Atlanta has two selections in relatively short succession and plenty of intriguing cornerbacks and running backs in particular, two positions where the Falcons still have significant needs. I’d still love to see them add a developmental pass rusher or two as the draft winds down, but in the end, adding talent almost anywhere feels like a good move for a team with shaky depth almost everywhere.

As always, enjoy and discuss right here!

Round 1, Pick 4: TE Kyle Pitts, Florida

Round 2, Pick 35: S Richie Grant, UCF

Round 3, Pick 68: OL Jalen Mayfield, Michigan

Round 4, Pick 108

Round 4, Pick 114

Round 5, Pick 148

Round 5, Pick 182

Round 5, Pick 183

Round 6, Pick 187