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2021 NFL Draft Day 2 open thread

Atlanta heads into Day 2 one freakish tight end richer, with many holes still to fill.

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Falcons selected Kyle Pitts last night, a move that will be dissected by fans for years to come. If it works out and Pitts is one of the NFL’s elite talents, it’ll be tough to complain, especially if Justin Fields doesn’t exactly pan out in Chicago. If not, well, Falcons fans are used to picking apart draft picks, to say the least.

Pitts is far from the final word on this draft class, of course. Atlanta has two more picks tonight and will be selecting early on Friday evening with plenty of quality talent still on the board, As we’ve written throughout today, choosing Pitts indicates you’re married to a best player available philosophy and you’re trying to win with Matt Ryan at the helm simultaneously, so tonight should once again be plenty interesting. I’d hope the Falcons could attack some of their major needs—their board would seem to align well with their needs at safety and guard, in particular—but prepare for more surprises.

Use this as your open thread and enjoy! May the Falcons make you happy this evening.

Round 1, Pick 4: TE Kyle Pitts, Florida

Round 2, Pick 35

Round 3, Pick 68

Round 4, Pick 108

Round 5, Pick 148

Round 5, Pick 182

Round 5, Pick 183

Round 6, Pick 187

Round 6, Pick 219