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Study: Falcons fans are the drunkest and highest fanbase in the NFL on gameday

Drugs and alcohol can be used as a coping mechanism.

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The only thing rising up at the Mercedes-Benz stadium lately is the collective BAC of the fans. When Dan Quinn was fired up about game day, Falcons fans were firing up some whacky tobacky. Three bad seasons in a row resulted in Atlanta fans cracking open some cold ones with the boys more than any other team in the league. When Lil Jon comes on the loudspeaker and instructs others to get crunk, fans were already there.

At least that is according to a study from Lines who surveyed fans of every NFL team and got these red-eyed and slurred responses from Falcons fans.

Clearly, many fans like to drink and smoke on game day. Atlanta Falcons fans appeared to enjoy it the most – 86% admitted to binge drinking, and 77% reported smoking marijuana while watching games.

Woah! These numbers are high. They are, however, not shocking. The team has been hard to watch. Having to see the Falcons not know they can recover an onside kick could make anyone wan to go and puff the magic dragon. Todd Gurley accidentally scoring a touchdown is enough for a fan to say, hey hey, smoke weed every game day.

Pour up a tall one and check out the in-depth stats.

Drugs and alcohol can be used as a coping mechanism, and it’s fair to suggest it’s not always the healthiest one. It’s a tried-and-true one for many fans, however, and while the numbers may be higher in this survey given its relatively small sample size than it is in the larger fanbase, we see everyone’s comments and tweets by the fourth quarter of close games.

For Falcons fans, it didn’t actually matter if the team was winning or losing. Fans reported drinking more regardless of if the team was winning or losing. That may not make sense without the context you can only have after watching the Falcons for the last few years. Even winning, the expectation is the team will find a way to lose.

Maybe with some better football going forward we will see Atlanta drop down this list.