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Falcons will play 2021 home game in London

After the game was canceled in 2020, the Falcons will return to London in 2021

London is calling and the Atlanta Falcons are answering. It was announced on Thursday evening that the Falcons will serve as the home team in a regular season game at Tottenham Hotspur in 2021. It’s currently unknown when the regular season matchup will take place and who the Falcons will face off against, but we do know it will be in October.

The game itself should come as no surprise as the Falcons were scheduled to “host” the Denver Broncos in London during the 2020 regular season. Obviously, the game was altered to become an Atlanta home game in Atlanta due to the pandemic.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank has this to say about playing in London last year:

“The NFL has had great experiences in London. Every game has sold out and the fans are full of energy, no matter who’s playing there. Facilities are outstanding, so I really couldn’t be happier that we’re going back.”

Although we don’t know the specific opponent yet, we can start guessing at the team’s opponent. Here’s some further potential winnowing from new ESPN Falcons reporter Michael Rothstein:

Overall, it’s great news for Falcons’ fans living overseas, but it will be a schedule unlike anything the team has ever played. The Falcons will technically have 7 true home games in Atlanta and 10 away games with one of those games being in London, where they’re the “home” team. It’ll be interesting to see if the team can overcome that and put together a quality season in 2021, but either way we’ll hope for a win abroad.