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Falcoholic Mailbag: Drafting a Quarterback?

Time to fire up this mailbag and look at the future of this team.

Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

New general manager. New coaching staff. New mailbag. 2021 is really shaping up to the be the greatest year in human history. The Falcons are looking at a top-4 pick, assuming they don’t trade down. The whole direction of the franchise should change, for better or worse, starting now. This vaccine means this upcoming season might have tailgates, 70,000 screaming fans, and being around crowds of people again.

Things are coming up Milhouse.

I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to more this year: Watching this offense with competent coaching or not having to pickup to-go food. I hated watching Dirk Koetter but I also hate food that has sat in a styrofoam container for 25 minutes before you can crack it open at a safe eating location. In retrospect, Falcons fans have been through a lot this last year. What was a Koetter offense but a lukewarm pizza? A once great burger and fries where the assembled parts have settled into a soggier, less appetizing, yet just as expensive disappointment.

I can’t wait for 2021 to bring a decent run game. The slightest bit of creativity in the red zone. A cut of fish right off of the grill. Appropriately using depth players. Maybe oysters. A dry-aged steak. I’m ready for it all.

What are you ready for? Let’s hit the mailbag to find out.

My number one question is, if Coach Smith said that the offense is going to be built around Matt Ryan, why are we talking about drafting a QB, like Justin Fields? I mean, I get we’re drafting for the future, but there are and will be plenty of good QB’s later in this draft, and in other drafts. I say we draft Penei Sewell. You, know, get Ryan some protection. - Nick M.

There is a lot here, Nick. Smith did not say exactly this, as it was much more in that gray area that lets this team hide the ball on their draft plans for as long as they can keep it quiet.

For why the mock drafts are sending the Falcons quarterbacks, I think that’s easy. Any team without a quarterback between the young and prime stage will get a quarterback in a mock draft. Especially with a new head coach and general manager.

A quarterback could happen. A top-4 pick is tough to get. The Falcons will only get so many chances at a top prospect without needing a blockbuster trade. So it makes sense to grab one while you can. I’ve wavered back and forth on this. There are few upper echelon talents. You noted Sewell, and Kyle Pitts likely belongs in that discussion.

However, if Fontenot is truly going BPA, I think this is the year to prove it. I think Ryan still has a multi-year window. He could be a top-10 quarterback for years under Smith’s system. What a perfect time to trade back, go full BPA, and supplement the roster while keeping the team’s top talent.

Hey, I’m a first time asker, but long time reader. My question is; What team/teams would be the best for Atlanta to trade back with? Would we still see a quality starter from the later pick or more likely a developmental piece? - Falcons fan North of the Border

Also, what a killer intro, Mr. Border. I respect that. Also, North of the Border? How well do you know Dave? I believe there are only a dozen of you folks up there.

I’m not sure if there is a “best” team to trade with. The Falcons have the luxury of having holes nearly everywhere. Fontenot can trade back a few or a few dozen and still go best player available while addressing some outstanding needs. In the same way Dimitroff would trade up because he’s going to grab one of the top players at the team’s biggest position of need, Fontenot should, in theory, be able to do the complete opposite.

Based on this draft, I think the most likely options are quarterback-needy teams trying to grab whoever is still available. I don’t think the Falcons trade with a division rival like the Panthers, so we would be looking at the Broncos, the 49ers, or maybe the Vikings or Washington Football Team. That would put the Falcons realistically in the 9 to 19 range, depending on how much one of these teams wanted whoever is left at 4.

Long time reader, first time asker. In 2020, the Falcons struggled and missed the playoffs for the third straight season. They hired a new head coach and have the 4th overall pick in the upcoming draft. Which brings me to my question, why did your wife leave you? - Nave

First off, I know this is you Evan Birchfield. I can see your avatar on this email and I will have my revenge.

Addressing your points, this is quite the starting spot for a new head coach. He has the opportunity to turn around the team with one of the top picks in the draft. It will be a great window into how Smith and Fontenot plan to manage the team in the future, for better or worse. Of course, for better or worse doesn’t mean a whole lot to some people anymore, who just one day packs up all of her stuff and heads to bike week in Myrtle Beach to “find herself.”

Let’s check and see what we got from the Twitters.

The most handsomest writer of the Falcoholic is Boris, the Russian with a limited grasp of English who writes our Facebook posts in exchange for vodka. That man and his Adidas track suit are so dreamy.

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