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Falcons Saturday trivia: Remembering some guys

Let’s get really obscure.

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

Welcome back to Falcons Saturday Trivia, where we dig deep into team history to get you thinking and/or Googling. This week, we’ll stick with a draft theme.

But first, let’s actually give you the answer for last week’s question, which was 6. The Falcons have been drafting punters since 1966 with Shippensburg’s Steve Ecker, who was announced as a kicker, and the highest they drafted one was Harold Alexander in the 3rd round of the 1994 draft. That does indeed mean that Thomas Dimitroff drafted fully 1/3rd of the team’s drafted punters, and if Hofrichter works out he’ll also have both of the best draft picks at the position.

Here’s this week’s question: Who were the two running backs Atlanta drafted who never played a game with Atlanta, but did suit up for New Orleans and Oakland, respectively? One of these backs has perhaps the greatest name in Falcons history and the other has the same initials as Julio Jones, in case that helps anyone who has been around long enough to see both players drafted.

Go nuts, good luck, and we’ll have the answer next week!