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Help determine the seeding for our Greatest Falcons Moments bracket: Region 2

We move forward into the second region of our Greatest Falcons moments bracket. Your votes will determin seeding.

NFL Commissioner Paul Taglibue holds an Atlanta Falcons’ jer Photo by John Roca/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

It’s time to move forward to the next phase of our “Greatest Falcons Moments” March Madness bracket, looking at what the seedings should be for each of our selected plays.

Just like a standard March Madness bracket, this entire exercise will consist of 64 overall moments. Because this is being created for the enjoyment of the readers, the entire process should be as inclusive as possible, which is why I would like you guys to help with seeding each of the selected moments.

Each moment will be separated into four groups of 16 plays each. What I would like is for you to vote for your four favorite overall plays within each group. Seeding will be determined by number of votes (whichever moment gets the most votes will be the 1-seed, second most 2-seed and so on).

Yesterday we released the list of 16 plays from Region 1. If you have not yet voted on those plays and would like to, feel free to do so. Below you will find the next 16 plays, from Region 2 of our bracket. Please vote for your four favorite plays to help determine seeding.

Be on the lookout tomorrow when we unveil Region 3, which you will also be able to vote on to determine overall seeding. After all four regions are voted on, we will unveil the official bracket.

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