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The Falcoholic Mailbag: The mailbag returns almost as good as before

The mailbag is finally getting out of quarantine.

US-THEME-POST Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images

The mailbag is officially back starting right now. After an extended hiatus throughout the pandemic, the mailbag is back again like yet another Spider-Man franchise. I have seen Uncle Ben mowed down so many times that I am just bored until they get it over with. In the same formulaic manner in which Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider again, I will answer the best questions culled from emails and social media.

Jeanna’s reign of terror over the mailbag is over. Today marks the start of an even more brutal reign of mailbag terror.

We will try some new things, such as the Falcoholic’s dedicated email for mailbag questions.

You can send questions directly to

What sort of questions? I will obviously doing everything and anything Falcons related. I think we could also touch on anything else. Movie recommendations? Saints slander? An award for best joke of the week? Yes, yes, and yes. Let’s plan on doing it all.

The mailbags will post each weekend, every weekend, for as long as we have questions.

Since we don’t have any questions yet, but I feel like I should answer some questions, let’s kick this off with some theoreticals.

Love the mailbag. I’ve been a dedicated reader since the very start. Are the Falcons set at center with Matt Hennessy?

We didn’t get to see much of Hennessy in his rookie season. The bigger concern is Thomas Dimitroff’s ability to draft linemen outside of the first round is awful and I still have no idea what the plan was for the offensive line under Dirk Koetter. The same staff added James Carpenter and Jamon Brown as answers to the interior of a zone blocking scheme. Do we have any clue if they were any smarter with Hennessy? No, I have not forgotten that Koetter and Dimitroff were behind acquisitions such as Peter Konz, Jeremy Trueblood, Lamar Holmes, and Mike Johnson.

We are likely going to need to see some competition at the spot, but the Falcons can’t afford to invest much there.

The way you mailbag should shame anyone else who has ever answered a mailbag. This is revolutionary. Did Bruce Wayne’s parents have it coming?

I don’t want to say they definitely had it coming.

BUT they know Gotham is a dangerous place. They dress up in tuxes then start showing off their opulent wealth down back alleys in a crime-ridden metropolis? Maybe with some smarter thinking they wouldn’t be the inspiration of Batman like Uncle Ben inspired Spider-Man.

Does Arthur Smith look more like a carbed out Nicholas Cage or one of the McPoyles from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

We previously joked that Dan Quinn looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Smith has a distinctive look but we’re still figuring out the best comparison. However, the eyes and eyebrows are all Nicholas Cage.