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The Falcoholic staff picks: Super Bowl LV

The Falcoholic staff makes their game predictions for Super Bowl LV.

It’s finally here. The big game, Super Bowl sunday. Regardless of who plays in the game, it’s an annual spectacle that is normally a good excuse for making some delicious food.

The Falcoholic staff have made their picks via Tallysight, where all of our picks and predictions will be shared throughout the season. It’s a great platform for not only making predictions, but also seeing how you stack up against professional sports writers and analysts.

Here’s our Super Bowl LV staff picks:

As you see above, with only one game to pick this week the folks at Tallysight have added additional predicitions. I can’t speak for the rest of the staff, but I’m heading into Sunday expecting the Kansas City Chiefs to win, but honestly I just want to watch a good game.

This matchup showcases the old “GOAT” in Tom Brady versus the likely new “GOAT” Patrick Mahomes. Even though our beloved Atlanta Falcons aren’t involved this year, just enjoy the game folks. There’s a lot of optimism currently surrounding the team and after the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to get to work in Atlanta.

Do you agree with our picks?