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Will Dave Ragone bring any Bears free agents with him to Atlanta?

Fact: The movie “Karate Kid” is loosely based off of Dave Ragone’s life story

NFL: Chicago Bears-Training Camp Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons offensive coordinator Dave Ragone may be new to Atlanta, but he’s definitely not out of his element. Ragone knows what makes offenses tick, and it sounds like he’s comfortable with his role as Arthur Smith’s “table setter.” Even if he isn’t calling plays, Smith obviously trusts Ragone, which begs an important question: Are there any Bears free agents that might be lured to Atlanta based on their connection to Ragone?

Let’s take a closer look at some Bears free agents that might be Atlanta bound.

WR Cordarrelle Patterson

This is a bit of a pipe dream. Patterson is a special teams ace and first-team All-Pro kick returner. He’s a dynamic player that the Falcons really can’t afford. But we can dream ...

TE J.P. Holtz

A classic Y tight end with the blocking ability to compliment the skill set Hayden Hurst brings to bear, Holtz could be an affordable option to throw into the mix at tight end. (He played under a 1-year, $675k deal in 2020.) The Falcons currently only have one tight end under contract, so its undoubtedly a position of need. While Jaeden Graham’s status as an exclusive rights free agent makes his return to Atlanta likely, the Falcons will need a cheap, competent in-line blocking option, and Holtz could be it. He’s an exclusive rights free agent, but he only played 8.1 percent of the Bears’ offensive snaps in 2020, so he could find a new home in Atlanta.

G Alex Bars

Bars saw significant action for the Bears over the second half of last season. (He played 53.6 percent of the Bears’ offensive snaps in 2020.) His run blocking is decidedly mediocre, but he’s a solid pass blocker. He’s an exclusive rights free agent and the Bears clearly took a liking to him over the back half of the season, so it may be difficult to pry him away from Chicago.

TE Demetrius Harris

Another tight end with above-average blocking chops, Harris has a little more tread on his tires. (He’ll turn 30 during training camp.) He is an unrestricted free agent, but he likely won’t come as cheaply as Holtz.

I wouldn’t argue that any Bears free agents are likely to wind up in Atlanta, but these four players are intriguing possibilities that could fill some holes in the Falcons offense. Your thoughts, Falcoholics?