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Falcons Saturday trivia: How many punters has Atlanta drafted?

Sterling Hofrichter and Matt Bosher are not alone.

NFL: DEC 06 Saints at Falcons Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

People love to give Thomas Dimitroff grief about his drafting, which includes a legendary run of poor picks along both the offensive and defensive lines. What goes unremarked upon in that criticism is just how weird and bad a lot of Falcons drafts were pre-Dimitroff and especially pre-Rich McKay.

That leads us into our trivia question for the day. As you know, Dimitroff drafted two punters during his tenure, selecting the terrific Matt Bosher in the sixth round in 2011 and scooping up Sterling Hofrichter in the seventh round in 2020. While that’s a significant percentage of the punters drafted in team history, it’s not all of them, and the Falcons certainly didn’t have the same kind of luck with some of the others that they did with Bosher.

Here’s a tough one that you might guess correctly if you sort of wildly throw numbers out there: How many punters has the team drafted in their history? Bonus points if you can tell me the player they (incredibly) drafted in the 1990s in the third round to be their punter.