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Honey, I shrunk the Falcons

It really is a game of inches.

Have you every looked at a gameday photo of an Atlanta Falcons player and thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Calvin Ridley was only inches tall and feet too big for his body?” Well, do I have some news for you!

The fine folks at Gridiron Minis have taken sports social media by storm recent with their fun take on NFL players being shrunken to a few inches. It’s as if Wayne Szalinski from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids accidentally miniaturized Foye Oluokun with his experimental shrink ray.

It all began as the creators of Gridiron Minis saw celebrity versions being shrunk. So they thought, why not sports figures and began posting minis on their page for several months until they really hit stride in December 2020. NFL players, including Atlanta Falcons players, began sharing their images and it really took off on social media. Players around the league began contacting them requesting specially made photos of themselves.

“This was super exciting because our team has been working hard on photo editing for years, and this page has been our first big breakthrough,” Gridiron Minis told The Falcoholic. “We got requests from Falcons players and the Falcons themselves! We collaborated with their media team on 7 minis, all of which can be found on”

It’s definitely a talent to be able to shrink players in real photos down to the size of a water bottle. With their eyes on the future, Gridiron Minis plans to keep improving and growing their brand through new opportunities such as partnerships with various teams and websites. They’ve also expanded to two more accounts with basketball and music minis.

You can view their entire collection of images by clicking here.