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Falcons trivia Saturday: Who is the franchise leader in Pro Bowl berths?

This question has layers, like a Pro Bowl onion.

Pro Bowl Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

At the end of the day, Pro Bowl selections don’t tell the story of a player’s career. They’re good recognition for what you hope are excellent players and they’re useful down the road as a way of telling how well-regarded a player was by fans when their career is over, but nobody should be putting players in the Hall of Fame or excluding them based on them.

That all being said, it just so happens that some of the best players in Falcons history also have received a lot of Pro Bowl nods. Today’s trivia question concerns the Pro Bowl and is pretty straightforward: Which player has the most Pro Bowl selections while a member of the Falcons?

Brett Favre has the most Pro Bowl selections ever by a player drafted by the Falcons with 11, but it goes without saying that he didn’t get any of those with Atlanta. There are two more players who aren’t that far behind him but did not get all of their Pro Bowl berths while with the Falcons, meaning they don’t top this list, either.

With that in mind, who is the all-time franchise leader in Pro Bowl selections? Bonus points if you can tell me the number, and extra bonus points if you know the two gentlemen I reference in the paragraph above.