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Examining the Falcons 1st round options: Trading down

Will we see a move to stockpile picks?

Penn State v Memphis Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Having a draft pick in the top 5 is actually somewhat rare for the Falcons. The last time it happened was in 2008 in the aftermath of the Michael Vick scandal and the Bobby Petrino disaster of 2007. Having a pick this high gives you a host of options, with the hope being that you won’t be here again for a long while.

In this series, we’ll take a look at all the different ways the Falcons can use this pick to rebuild under a new regime. Today, we consider the option of trading down.

Why it makes sense

The Falcons have many holes to fill on the roster. There’s a good chance that all 3 starting safeties from 2020 won’t be back. The defensive end position may need to be overhauled. Right now, there doesn’t appear to be a defender worth that pick at number 4. However, moving back several spots and picking up some additional day 2 picks could justify the selection of a player like Micah Parsons, Gregory Rousseau or Patrick Surtain. Adding additional picks while still getting a player inside the top 10 could pay big dividends in the long-term. Additionally, with so many teams needing to land a QB, the Falcons could have multiple suitors for their pick, which could drive the price up even more.

Why it might be the wrong move

Unless the Falcons drop down a significant number of spots (probably outside the top 10), they likely won’t land any additional first round picks. The collection of picks they’ll gather will likely be on day 2 and while you can still find quality players in this round, they’re also going to take the risk that the first round pick will take a big dip in quality. That top 4 pick, after all, is worth so much for a reason. If you believe a player like Patrick Surtain is a future All-Pro at corner, it may not be worth the risk of dropping back and missing out on the guy you want. If you’re looking to get the long-term answer at QB, trading back will almost certainly guarantee you do not land him.

What do you think? Would you support trading down? Let us know in the comments below.